We just wanted to put out this quick review to let you know that the brand-new Transcend Micro Travel CPAP has just been released and is available for pre-sale through Resphop.com. 

The micro is now officially the smallest and lightest device available on the market. Sorry, AirMini

In the future, we’ll do a more immersive review of the device – once it has come to the market and we’ve had a chance to do more testing and get public opinion en masse. So be sure to subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email and hitting “Subscribe” on this page. 

Transcend Micro Noise Level

The standout feature that Transcend claims from the get-go for this device, aside from the benefits of its size, of course, is that the Micro is very quiet. The official noise level for the device is cited at 27 dBA, give or take 2 dBA. This is on par with some of the best at-home CPAP units. 

Transcend say that the unit uses unique air-bearing blower technology and built-in sound and vibration dampening for “a quiet restful night of sleep unnoticeable to users and bed partners alike.”

Well, we’re not sure you won’t notice that you’re using the device. You do still need to wear a mask, after all. But we do appreciate their desire to tackle the high noise level that often accompanies using a travel device.

Just because you’re on the road using the device you do still want to be able to sleep through the noise generated by the CPAP lying next to you. Otherwise, if the sound level wakes you up, then that defeats the whole purpose of having a CPAP machine in the first place.

Now, early testing of the device would suggest that it is quiet for travel CPAP. Just don’t go into this thinking it will be as quiet as your at-home device as the at-home device has much more physical space for sound absorption and damping material.

But for its size, the Micro does appear to perform well in this category. From our limited testing, we’ve only had this device for a couple of days, so when we do our full review, we should be able to give a more reliable verdict on the sound level.

Compatibility with other CPAP Equipment

The other major benefit of the Micro is that it is compatible with any CPAP mod. You can grab whatever your daily mask is that you know and love and couple it with the Micro when you go traveling.

And your sleep therapy experience should be far more comfortable than if you had to get accustomed to both a different device and mask while you’re away. So, good on Transcend for making that available.

Other Micro Features

There are other standard and unique features on this device that are worth exploring, such as the drying mode that dries out your mask each morning, among others. 

There are also some pretty cool accessories that Transcend released with the Micro, such as the WhisperSoft Muffler

World's Smallest Travel CPAP: Transcend Micro Initial Review

But this was just supposed to be a quick overview of the unit just to whet your appetite and let you know that you can order the Micro now. And if you want more information about the Micro or any of its accessories before making a purchase decision, then please chat with one of our experts over the phone or through our web portal.

We’d love to help you figure out whether this CPAP might be right for you. Please be aware that we will have limited stock of the Micro upon release, so don’t hang about if you know that you want one. 

As always, if you have any questions relating to your sleep therapy or about any other products in our extensive online catalog, then reach out to us.

And wherever you are, sleep tight!