Are you on the lookout for a CPAP retailer that goes the extra mile to ensure you are covered for all eventualities? At, our services don’t stop at the point of sale. We like to make sure you are well looked after throughout the course of your CPAP therapy. 

In fact, you don’t even need to have bought from us to benefit from our special care services, all of which are designed to take the stress out of sleeping so you can get back to living.

Low-Cost CPAP Rental Program

One way we do that is through our low-cost rental program that allows you to rent a machine, in case you:

  • Want to try it out?
  • Need a machine to tie you over if your primary machine is out of action?
  • Need a travel option for that special trip you’ve been planning? 

When renting, you can select from our range of Auto, Travel, and BiPAP options, and we will send them to you fully sanitized, with new filters, new tubing, and a new water chamber. 

And you can end your rental or exchange your machine at any time. There are no contracts and no hidden fees. We provide you with free round-trip shipping and free technical support, and low-mileage machines are guaranteed.

Extended Warranty for Your CPAP

If you want extra coverage for your main device, we can extend the manufacturer’s warranty, under the exact same terms as they provide, for up to two additional years, so you can have worry-free service from a machine you know is reliable.

We can even offer a warranty extension for machines purchased elsewhere. Don’t worry – we’ve got your back!

Compliance Reporting & Troubleshooting Assistance

Even if your CPAP machine is purring like the beauty it is, for devices with modems we can take the hassle out of compliance reporting through our subscription service that does all that for you. 

We’ll send compliance reports at set intervals straight to your email, and you can request reports from us at any time. We can provide this service even if you didn’t purchase your machine from us!

Let’s not forget many other make-your-life-easier benefits, such as remote troubleshooting assistance, to make your therapy as perfect as it can be.

Learn more about our CPAP compliance and therapy reporting service here.

RespShop Has You Covered

All in all, we ensure that our customers have worry-free support for both the expected and unexpected circumstances of life, so you can sleep that little more soundly. So, for most things that might keep you up at night, you can rely on to have you covered. 

Head over to our website for more information on our range of special services or give us a call at 1-866-936-3754 to chat with one of our customer service team members.