Do you feel tired during the day, snore at night, and get a dry mouth in the morning? If so, these are typical symptoms of sleep apnea that most sufferers don’t even realize they have. Let RespShop help you diagnose sleep apnea, purchase therapy equipment, and get lasting support.

Sleep apnea interrupts your sleep as much as up to 30 times per hour per night! But these interruptions are so brief that you don’t remember them. All you are aware of is the resulting chronic tiredness that affects your work, your family, and your health.

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Home Sleep Apnea Testing

The good news is that here at we offer an easy and convenient way to test for sleep apnea. This means that you can get a prescription, receive suitable treatment, and start sleeping better in a matter of days. 

Any sleep disorder diagnosis requires a sleep study to be done, which ordinarily involves a doctor. You may also have to spend a night in a sleep lab or have the study done in your home with you hooked up to monitors. 

We avoid the hassle and cost of all this by providing you with a small disposable test kit to wear on your finger while you sleep at home, along with a brief consultation session with a sleep physician. 

The kit tracks your sleep data over multiple nights, measuring such things as your blood oxygen levels and breathing patterns. It then transmits this data to our healthcare provider. After that, your results are evaluated by a certified sleep physician who will provide you with a report and, if required, a diagnosis and prescription for treatment.

If you have had a sleep study done before but have either lost your prescription or need it renewed, we can help there, too. We’ll set you up with a quick online appointment with a board-certified sleep physician who will typically get a new prescription to you within a few hours. Simple!

CPAP Machines

When it comes time to purchase the CPAP machine you will need for your treatment, you can be confident in buying from us. We offer many benefits, including our price match policy, which means we will match the price of any equipment sold by licensed US dealers.

CPAP Masks

We also know that one of the biggest challenges for you as a new CPAP user is finding the right mask for your comfort and therapy needs, and we are here to help you get it right and get you back to sleep. 

If you call our customer service department, our knowledgeable and professional staff can help you select what we think will be your ideal mask. And if we don’t get it right the first time, you can rest peacefully knowing you are covered by our Mask Assurance policy. 

Any mask you buy from us can be returned within 30 days even if it has been used. This means you have 30 days to see whether the size, style, and fit are right for you. If they are, great! If not, you can return it to us for a full refund if the mask is unopened, or for 100% store credit if it has been used. 

CPAP Service and Support

We offer a variety of remote servicing options for many of the most popular CPAP models on the market. For just $49 per year, we provide you with:

  • On-demand sleep consultations with one of our professionals
  • Video-assisted machine setup
  • Unlimited remote troubleshooting
  • Unlimited compliance reporting
  • And more! 

As part of this service, we are able to remotely adjust your machine’s settings if your prescription changes or if you need some comfort adjustments. 

We will be on hand to:

  • Answer any questions you have about your CPAP therapy
  • Help you troubleshoot your machine
  • Provide feedback on the sleep data collected by your machine. 

We are also happy to help in other ways, such as compliance reporting to other parties, contacting your family doctor regarding prescription changes you may need, and even giving out discount codes when it’s time to replace your machine consumables.

With our dedicated and experienced medical staff, customers know they are in safe hands and can rely on us for uninterrupted support on their sleep therapy journey. 

So don’t be out of the know, get your home sleep apnea test kit from today and start living your best life!