By Lily, Registered Respiratory Therapist

ResPlus by Beyond Medical is an affordable, sturdy workhorse of a machine with microSD card storage capability and sleep data/compliance report-generating software. Easy to navigate, it is a simple Auto CPAP unit that prides itself on its no-frills approach and usability and sells for less than most travel devices.

The ResPlus Auto CPAP machine is one of the most affordable at-home devices with some units costing more than double the price of the ResPlus. So, if you are new to the world of CPAP therapy and want to try a basic machine to see how it impacts the rest you get at night before committing the big bucks for that “dream” machine, then the ResPlus could be a great starting device.

ResPlus Auto CPAP by Beyond Medical - Expert Review

In this review, we’ll go over the features of ResPlus, how to use and maintain the unit, and finally, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions. Let’s dive right in.

Key Features of ResPlus Auto by Beyond Medical

The ResPlus Auto is fully automatic, which means it has an internal algorithm that will adjust the pressure of the airflow through the night based on your breathing patterns. But if you ever wanted to operate it as a manual CPAP device, there’s an option for that in the menu.

The ResPlus Humidifier

The ResPlus comes standard with a heated humidifier to help you prevent dry and irritated airways. You can set your humidifier to one of five humidity levels. 

While the humidifier is integrated, it can be separated from the blower part to decrease size. 

ResPlus Auto CPAP by Beyond Medical - Expert Review

This is handy for travelers who are comfortable without humidity for a few nights. 

The water chamber on the ResPlus holds 300ml, which is easily enough for two nights of CPAP therapy. 

ResPlus Auto CPAP by Beyond Medical - Expert Review

Remember to only use distilled water in the humidifier of any CPAP device, including the ResPlus. It can also be conveniently filled through the top of the unit, so there’s no need to open the tank unless you’re ready to clean it.

The ResPlus is compatible with all masks and non-heated tubing. Heated tubing is not available for this unit. 

Noise Level

Operating at only 30 decibels, the ResPlus is quiet with the noise level of someone whispering nearby. This is possible thanks to German technology which includes a high-quality blower and fan blades along with a silenced air channel.

LCD Screen and Navigation

A limitation (or liberation) of the ResPlus, depending on how you look at it, is the old school highly intuitive button dial menu system. There is no touchscreen here. The large 3.5-inch bright color display makes it easy to navigate, and the words and symbols are clear and easy to read.

At the same time, don’t worry – the screen will dim when you aren’t interacting with it after a period of time, so it won’t be a nuisance. 

ResPlus Auto CPAP by Beyond Medical - Expert Review

Below the screen, there are two buttons and a pressable dial. One button is for starting and stopping your therapy. The other is for muting machine alerts. And the pressable dial handles menu scrolling and selection.

The LCD screen allows you to manage all your settings directly on the unit. The ResPlus is not equipped with Bluetooth or a modem, which means you don’t need to fumble with mobile device apps to operate the machine. 

Access to Your Sleep Data

The unit stores your sleep data on an SD card which is included with the unit. Just take the SD card to your sleep specialist for them to retrieve your data. 

And if you wish to view your sleep data by yourself, you can do so using the VHealth software that is available for a Windows-based PC. 

Traveling with the ResPlus Auto

Dual voltage (100-240 V) allows you to travel internationally with the unit without the need for a voltage adapter. You may only need a plug adapter to fit the various plugs around the world. 

ResPlus Auto CPAP by Beyond Medical - Expert Review

For mountain hikers or those who travel to areas of elevation, automatic altitude adjustment will adapt the machine’s operation to pressure fluctuations. 

ResPlus Auto Comfort Features

Two comfort features you’ve probably come to expect to have on your CPAP are Ramp and Exhalation Pressure Relief (EPR). The ResPlus is equipped with both. 

Ramping is for those who find it uncomfortable to receive the maximum pressure of their prescription as soon as they put on the mask. Turning the Ramping on keeps the air pressure low when you first wear the mask while you go to sleep, slowly ramping it to the correct level over the course of up to an hour. This way you’ll be fast asleep before the pressure gets to the prescribed level.

Belex is the Beyond Medical name for the EPR feature which eases your breathing when you exhale. Belex allows the machine to reduce air pressure on exhalation, making breathing more comfortable, and can be set at one of three varying levels of reduction. This is a nice feature, but before using it be sure to contact your physician.

Leak compensation is another great comfort feature in the ResPlus. It accounts for increases in mask leak as you toss and turn during the night and your mask fit changes. 

Then there are the Auto On and Auto Off, each of which can be set separately. 

ResPlus Auto CPAP by Beyond Medical - Expert Review

When AutoOn is enabled, the machine turns on automatically after detecting three breaths. If AutoOn is disabled, you will need to start the machine yourself by pressing the ON/OFF button. 

When AutoOff is enabled, the machine turns off automatically when the mask is removed or the hose is disconnected. On AutoOff disabled, your machine will turn off after 15 seconds of mask disconnection. 

Using the ResPlus Unit – Quick Start Guide

Insert the air filter into the rear of the machine. 

ResPlus Auto CPAP by Beyond Medical - Expert Review

Insert the micro SD card into the SD card slot in the rear of the machine. Take out the water chamber from the humidifier and fill it with distilled water, making sure not to go past the max fill line. Put the water chamber back into the humidifier. 

The ideal spot to position your CPAP machine is on the level with your nightstand or your bed. Do not position it on the floor. 

Plug the AC adapter into the power outlet port in the rear of the machine and into the wall. Connect one end of the tubing to the air outlet port on top of the humidifier and the other end to your mask. Press the On/Off button to start therapy. 

The humidity level can be adjusted by entering the “Parameters” menu. Settings are 0 to 5, where 0 is humidity off. Ramping can also be adjusted in the main menu. Ramp time can be set from 0 to 60 minutes. 

Default Settings

CPAP 10 cm H2O

Ramp 4 cm H2O

Ramp time 0 mins 


If you’re using the humidifier, fill the water chamber with distilled water and clean it once a week. The water chamber can be replaced every 6-12 months.

You’ll want to clean the humidifier regularly along with whatever tubing you are using with the unit. 

As you know, the ResPlus comes with a foam filter in the rear. Filters prevent dust from entering the unit and damaging the motor. Wash the filter in the same way that you do for the humidifier and tubing – with warm soapy water – and then air dry. 

Regular filter cleaning and replacement will extend the life of your machine. Filters can be washed and air-dried. Clean when dusty or visibly dirty and replace every two to three months. 

The machine ships with two filters, and they should be replaced at a minimum every six months. But if you live in a dusty environment or in a home with pets, it’s quite likely that you’ll want to replace them more regularly than that. 

Tubing should be cleaned at least once a week with warm soapy water. Please use a hose brush to scrub the inside of the hose. Good idea to have an extra hose to use while the other one dries. 

When it comes to your mask, please follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and replacement schedule. This will ensure optimal mask seal and improve the quality of your therapy. 

For more tips on cleaning your CPAP mask, filters, and humidifier, please refer to this guide we put together for you.


How do I turn off the humidifier/adjust humidity? 

The humidity level can be adjusted by entering the “Parameters” menu. Turn the dial to highlight “Parameters” in orange. Then press and hold the dial for 5 seconds until you hear a few beeps. Scroll to the second page to see “Humidity.” The humidity settings are 0 to 5. The setting of 0 = humidity off. 

How do I adjust ramp time/pressure? 

Enter “Parameters” and scroll to “StartPress” to set ramp pressure. Scroll to the second page and select “Ramp” to set ramp time (0 to 60 mins).

How do I download my compliance/therapy data? 

Download the ResPlus software (VHealth) here. Install it on your Windows-compatible PC. Follow software prompts to download your data from the micro SD card. You will need a micro SD card reader. This machine does not transmit data remotely because it does not have wifi or a modem. You will need a USB cord to connect to the micro SD card reader.

What comes with the machine?

  • Machine (including the humidifier)
  • 2x filters
  • Travel carry bag
  • 1x 6ft nonheated tubing
  • 1x 4GB microSD card
  • AC adapter
  • User manual.

Why is my machine sounding an alarm and displaying HIGH LEAKAGE on the screen?  

The ResPlus detects a high leak (leak > 25 LPM), prompting an alarm to sound. You can silence the alarm by pressing the mute button to the right of the ON/OFF button. To turn this alarm off, you need to enter the “System” settings. Turn the dial to highlight “System” and press the dial to enter “System” settings. 

ResPlus Auto CPAP by Beyond Medical - Expert Review

Scroll to the second page where you will see “HighLeakage On” and select this option to change to “HighLeakage Off.” 

The failure alarm on the machine will sound to alert you of troublesome things, such as power failures, low voltage, air blockage, high leak, humidification failure, or even if the micro sd card is full. 

If you are someone whose mouth can drop open while asleep, as you may find, this is enough to trigger the high leakage alarm. But other than that, the alarm is a helpful noise to have for important occasions.

All in all, this is a solid, reliable machine at a great price. It’s simple, convenient, and kind to your bank account.

If you have additional questions or for general advice, you can contact RespShop. We have sleep therapists and a nurse on staff to assist you. We are a full-service online retailer for CPAP.

And whatever you do, sleep tight!