The Z2 Travel CPAP and the Z2 Travel APAP by Breas are 30% quieter than their predecessors and are designed for easy portability. Let’s talk about how to properly plan your travel utilizing these convenient CPAPs! 

1. Create a Checklist & Follow It

How to Travel with a Z2 Travel CPAP Machine

Create a checklist that includes everything you need to take with you on your trip. You will find it helpful to block everything off into where each item needs to go: checked luggage or carry-on? 

From there branch into subcategories, such as clothing, hygiene, or entertainment. This method will make it easier to remove items you don’t really need if you run out of room. 

Don’t forget to bring your Z2 on the plane. CPAP machines are medical devices and don’t count towards your carry-on allowance. This means you can bring a carry-on, a personal item and your CPAP machine in its case. We strongly advise against checking your CPAP machine because checked luggage are not always handled with care.

2. Arrive Early at the Airport

How to Travel with a Z2 Travel CPAP Machine

It is recommended to arrive at your airport 2 hours ahead of time for domestic flights. For international flights, you should arrive 3 hours early. Remember to wear something comfortable for your flight and to have shoes that can be easily removed. If you plan to use your Z2 travel CPAP machine on the plane, make sure you have a copy of your prescription and the Breas Z2 FAA compliance letter. You can find the compliance letter on page 27 of the Breas Z2 Auto User Manual.

All carry-on liquids should be in containers no larger than 3oz and must fit in a quart-sized bag. You’ll need to remove your Z2 travel CPAP from its bag or case for X-ray screening. Your CPAP mask and tubing can stay in the bag.

3. Using the Breas Z2 During Flight

How to Travel with a Z2 Travel CPAP Machine

Whether you are just looking to get a little shut-eye or are flying overnight, the Z2 is the perfect machine to fly with. Before beginning therapy be sure to attach your Q-Lite Muffler (included) to the included tubing. This will keep noise at a minimum, so you do not disturb your fellow passengers. 

Once the muffler is attached, add in the Heat & Moisture Exchanger (also included) before attaching your mask. This will allow for humidity during your sleep. Once everything is secure, you are free to move on to your next step. 

Before turning on the Z2, consider your power options. Some planes have electrical outlets. If you are flying without a Z2 battery, then it is recommended to check with your airline to see if they have this option available to you before your flight. 

However, if you do not have this option available to you, it is highly recommended to have an HDM PowerShell and battery with you for your flight. The battery will last you over 8 hours of sleep to arrive rested at your destination.