Since the Philips Respironics recall of June 2021, Philips continues to accept machines for refurbishing or replacement. You can visit their website to register your device. And you have rental and purchase options for your CPAP needs while you wait for Philips to send you the replacement.

Today we are discussing Philips Respironics and will give you an update on the product recall that affected millions of their units. New information has come to light from Philips and the FDA since the recall was initially announced in June of 2021. 

We will also look at exactly how to get your device registered to be repaired or replaced by Philips if you have not done so already. We’ll touch on the common mistakes regarding repair or replacement. 

And finally, we’ll talk about what you can do while you wait for your repaired or replaced unit.

Philips Recall History

On June 14, 2021, Philips announced a ‘voluntary’ recall to replace the polyester-based polyurethane foam that is inside a lot of their CPAP and BiPAP machines. Why? Because over time this abatement foam, which is the sound-dampening foam enclosed inside the unit, could degrade.

Consequently, the debris from the foam as well as harmful off-gas chemicals could enter the unit air pathway, which would then be inhaled by the user. This can most commonly lead to headaches, irritation, inflammation, and respiratory issues, to name a few.

This shook the CPAP device market to its core. You’ve got to remember that Philips is one of the two largest players in this field, and the recall affected the vast majority of their units. 

We’re talking millions of units, and that means millions of people who rely on their Philips product for their sleep, health, and wellbeing, and with this news, their health and wellbeing were thrown into question.

Then, more recently, in November, there was a report of a unit outside of the US with the updated silicone foam that was experiencing similar issues. The FDA does not believe it shows enough evidence to issue another recall. The Administration has given Philips the all-clear to continue the recall as they have been doing to this point, and so far no further recall is expected. So sleep easy, friends!

How the Recall Affects You Now in 2022

Now, if you still have and use one of the affected machines and haven’t yet sent it in for a recall, you may be wondering what the recall process is and whether or not it is worth the hassle. 

The ball is in your court to get it repaired or replaced with a refurbished or new machine, so you have to take the first step. How do you do this and what will happen to your current device? Well, we’re glad you asked!

Philips Recall Device Registration Process

The process is quite simple. All you need to do is go to, and at the top of the page you will see the button that says: “Register your device.” Click on it. 

Philip Respironics CPAP Recall Update - 2022

You’ll be taken to the Registration portal to confirm that the serial number of your unit is affected. Spoiler alert – if your unit is any of the models listed on the recall notice, then it is! 

Select the option that states that you are a Patient/Device user/Caregiver and then select your country. 

Philip Respironics CPAP Recall Update - 2022

You’ll be taken to a page where you should enter your serial number and click “Check Unit” to allow the system to identify your device. 

Philip Respironics CPAP Recall Update - 2022

Here are a couple of quick tips. Make sure to not input any of the spaces on your unit serial number label when entering it on the site. 

Also, make sure you are inputting the correct number. It needs to be the serial number of the blower – the main part of the machine, not that of the humidifier or any other accessories. 

You keep these – do not send them to Philips unless you have plenty of excess income that you enjoy spending on new accessories because you won’t be getting them back. 

(Side-note: does have 20% off site-wide for the Holidays if that’s you; *wink*)

Once you’ve completed the registration process, then… sit tight!

Yep, that’s all you can do. You are welcome to contact Philips for an update but bear in mind that they have literally millions of these units to get to. So, your best course of action is to make sure you notify Philips or your DME if your address changes while you wait and that’s about it. 

Notifying of an address change is important because when it is your turn to have your unit repaired or replaced, then a package will arrive at the address used on the registration portal. This package will contain a new-to-you machine.

That doesn’t mean a brand new machine, although it could, it will be one with the silicon abatement foam installed. Inside the package, there will also be detailed instructions on what to do next. 

So, what determines whether or not you receive a repaired or a new machine? Philips doesn’t say, and there’s no way to make your unit more likely to get one over the other.

The last thing for us to discuss is the obvious follow-up question to this whole recall business, and that is… 

Should I be using my affected CPAP or BiPAP machine at all while I wait? 

And honestly, this is a question for your physician. Philips again put that ball in your court because everyone’s needs are unique. 

Your physician is the only one who can determine whether it is more beneficial to your health to discontinue the use of your CPAP or BiPAP machine while you wait, or whether doing so would be more detrimental to your health than the concerns that the recalled machines pose. 

Respshop can’t answer that question for you. Philips can’t. Only your physician can, so please consult with them before deciding what is best for you to do.

CPAP Options Available to You while You Wait

One thing that is worth keeping in mind is that there are options available to you if you need to continue using some kind of positive air pressure machine and are not comfortable using your affected unit while you wait. 

And those options are that you can rent a machine or use a backup unit. 

You can rent a CPAP from – we offer monthly CPAP and BiPAP machine rentals, which can be a cost-effective way to see you through those months that you are awaiting your fixed unit. 

Or, alternatively, you can use a backup machine. We would recommend always having a backup machine anyway. Because if you ever have a situation like this recall, or your primary machine is unusable for any reason, you don’t want to lose sleep over it. 

How can you put a price on sleep? You can’t. So we recommend that everyone who needs a CPAP machine also has an extra one for backup – just in case. 

But please keep in mind that right now machines are hard to come by. This recall has caused a large spike in demand for new machines. Couple that with the global supply chain shortage, and it just means that supply is really limited. 

So if you can find an In-Stock alternative, and you are thinking about buying a backup or upgraded unit, then we strongly recommend that you take it. You can see available models, including some that are in stock, or simply get more info over at

Ok, guys, that does it for us today. If you want to chat about what we covered today, then give us a call or visit our site. And, wherever you are, sleep tight!