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Why Sleep Apnea is Hurting Your Heart

Picture this: You are sound asleep, dreaming of a beach paradise, when all a suddenly your partner is shaking you awake. You look at them through bloodshot eyes, and they explain -for the tenth time that night- that you have been snoring. You nod sleepily, change your position, and go back to bed…only to get up that next morning to worship your coffee like a god because it is the only thing that will keep you awake that day.

Sound familiar? Well you are not alone! According to the American Sleep Apnea Association 22 Million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, and the American Heart Association states that 1 in 5 adults suffer from, at the very least, mild sleep apnea. Evidence of this can be seen in a variety of ways, as you would know from previous posts. Symptoms range from daytime fatigue, insomnia, snoring in the night, headaches, mood swings, and more. For those of us who are used to no sleep, however, this can seem like not a big deal.

“So what if I’m always tired,” we tell ourselves. “Lack of sleep won’t kill me!” The only problem with this mentality is the less sleep you have the more certain science has become that it will, in fact, effect your heart.

The American College of Cardiology, The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and even the American Heart Association have all linked sleep apnea with heart conditions. The AHA even states on their site that sleep apnea has been linked to arrhythmia, high blood pressure, stroke, and even heart failure. In fact, another study confirmed that male adults age 30-70 were at an extremely high risk of having a stroke or heart attack if they already had obstructive sleep apnea. Snoring in particular is a great sign you have obstructive sleep apnea, yet snoring is not your only problem. Central sleep apnea (which in my personal opinion is far harder to detect and is more damaging) rarely even presents itself through snoring. In fact, while obstructive sleep apnea is more common among over weight individuals, central sleep apnea can present itself in all shapes and sizes, which is a problem.

Experts agree that sleep apnea begets high blood pressure, and vise versa. It becomes a never-ending cycle of health problems and brings one closer to ever serious heart complications. Statics even show that 30-50% of adults with high blood pressure will have sleep apnea. With this news it can be overwhelming! It can almost feel like if you won the unlucky cosmic lottery and now if you have sleep apnea, or high blood pressure, you are doomed to have a lifetime of health problems along with a shorter lifespan which begs the question: What am I left to do?

The solutions may not be easy, but thankfully they are simple.

  1. Exercise

I’ve heard it, you’ve heard it, we’ve all heard it! If I had a dime every time my physician told me I need to get physically active, I’d be rich…Unfortunately they are right.  Exercise is important for all aspects of your health and it is also very important for those with sleep apnea. Making sure you throw in cardio will also give you the double benefit of keeping your heart healthy, so get running!

  1. Limit Alcohol and Avoid Caffeine Before Bed

We all love our beer, but our beer does not love us. Same goes for that double-crossing coffee cup! If you are pulling a late night for work, or if you are wanting something to relax you when you get home from that same job you may want to reach for a cup of decaffeinated tea instead. It comes in a lot of great flavors, and chamomile may even give you the added benefit of helping you sleep later that night!

  1. Get a CPAP Machine

Out of all of these options, this may be the most important. CPAP machines, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines, really save lives by keeping you breathing at night and helping you stay asleep. The American College of Cardiology has even gone as far as to state that treatment lowers high blood pressure! You will need to talk to your doctor and schedule a sleep study, or take a home sleep test, which will let you know exactly what therapy is right for you. Once you have learned what type of sleep apnea you have and what type of machine you need, ask about what features you can get and determine what is right for you and your budget. And of course, those of us at are always here to help you with any questions you may have and can easily be reached at 866-936-3754.


It is almost a universal truth that sleep apnea is hard to live with. It makes us tired, it makes us cranky when we least expect it, and it can affect our health. However, it is manageable! Through proper life changes, open conversations with our doctors, and CPAPs we can take back control of our lives and our health. We can even make our hearts healthier one night’s sleep at a time.

New AirCurve Bi-Level Machines from ResMed

AirCurveEarlier this morning, ResMed announced the release of a brand new series of bi-level pressure devices. Following the summer debut of the AirSense line of CPAP machines, ResMed’s AirCurve 10 brand of VPAP machines is hitting shelves everywhere this morning. Like with the AirSense series, the new machines feature the latest advances in comfort technology.

The new HumidAir heated humidifier is an innovatively designed system capable of combating the worst symptoms associated with VPAP therapy. The HumidAir’s 380 ml water chamber can be filled easily and the humidifier’s effects are augmented by the new ClimateLineAir heated breathing tube. The ClimateLineAir ferries warm air from the heated humidifier to your airways, providing further defense against the debilitating side effects of sleep apnea therapy.

Each VPAP also comes with Expiration Pressure Relief, or EPR. EPR works with Easy-Breathe to ensure that your machine only provides requisite pressure when absolutely necessary. Easy-Breathe is capapble of reducing pressure at the onset of each breath and keeping pressure low throughout exhalation. However, when you are having an apnea, EPR kicks in and returns pressure to your desired output so that you can overcome the apnea as quickly as possible.

Let’s take a look at each of the three AirCurve machines individually.

AirCurve 10 VAuto

The AirCurve 10 VAuto is this year’s automatically adjusting bi-level device. The Auto is capable of delivering effective therapy for patients with a wide range of debilitating CSA. It features TiControl, a wide pressure range, SmartStart and SmartStop technology (which lets you start and stop your machine easily), and a brand new ramp feature. The ramp allows you to delay the onset of pressure by up to forty-five minutes, enabling you to fall asleep without experiencing a sudden rush of pressure. Finally, like the rest of the series, the Auto offers patients a bright screen with big buttons and an intuitive interface.

AirCurve 10 ST

The AirCurve 10 ST is a spontaneously timed bi-level device. This means that your machine is programmed to deliver pressure on a timed schedule, changing pressure during inspiration and exhalation. It features all of the comfort features you’d expect to find on an AirCurve device combined with the most sophisticated algorithms ever offered on an ST machine. Also, like all other AirCurve machines, it comes with ResMed’s proprietary AirView data management system. It lets you access your therapy statistics remotely and send all of your information to your physician or VPAP provider without requiring you to leave the house.

AirCurve 10 ASV

The AirCurve 10 ASV is intended to offer personalized therapy for sleep apnea patients saddled with central breathing disorders, including CSA and Cheyne-Stokes Respiration. The ASV is the only servo-ventilator that effectively treats your most recent ventilations and features one of the most advanced algorithms ever tested. The ASV Auto adapts to your ventilator and upper airway needs on each breath; these quick responses help to personalize effective therapy.

Remember that each bi-level device requires a specific prescription and that these VPAP machines should not be used interchangeably. Keep in mind, if you use a bi-level device, your therapy needs are noncompliant with traditional CPAP machines. If you have any questions about the AirCurves or any other item we carry, please get in touch!

BiPAP Supplies

Numerous times on this blog we have discussed CPAP machines and sleep apnea therapy, but very few times have we had discussions with the more severe forms of sleep disorders that require similar therapy yet use different machines known as BiPAP machines, or BiLevel positive airway pressure devices. At Respshop, we carry both BiPAP and VPAP machines from manufacturers like Respironics and DeVilbiss, some of the leading brand names in the industry for medical supplies. BiPAP therapy, which is actually a term used for Respironics devices, or VPAP therapy which is a more common term, is specifically designed to offer two different breath patterns, one during inhale and the other during exhale, to help the user breathe throughout the night. Without getting into extreme medical terms, BiPAP therapy is specifically prescribed for the most extreme cases of sleep apnea.

Respshop carries BiPAP machines, VPAP machines, and BiPAP supplies at the lowest prices on the internet, and we stand behind all of the products that we sell. Customers have long learned that when they need to purchase respiratory supplies, they use Respshop because of our prices, our can’t beat inventory, and our industry leading customer service. That’s why we have been serving customers in the CPAP industry for years! With affordable continuous positive airway pressure machines and discount masks, Respshop is the best place to shop on the internet for your breathing accessories!

Start getting treatment for your sleep apnea today, and see the benefits that it can have to your overall health, whether it’s your effectiveness during the day due to increased sleep, or your mental and physical appearance, CPAP therapy has long been the go to when it comes time to treating the sleeping disorder known as sleep apnea. Shopping online can be scary for first time customers, so we encourage you to contact our customer service department at 866-936-3754 to find out what we’re all about!

BiPAP Machine

Living with sleep apnea can be a struggle, especially for first time CPAP machine users. What is a continuous positive airway pressure machine? Where can I buy a machine? What is the best CPAP machine on the market? These are just some of the frequent questions we get about apnea machines and apnea masks on a daily basis. As apnea CPAP machines continue to evolve, these questions can be even more difficult for those suffering from chronic sleep apnea. Do I need a standard CPAP machine that is fixed pressure? An APAP machine that will automatically change pressures for me in order to provide the best apnea relieve? In general, doctors and healthcare providers will monitor your sleep apnea and ensure that you are set up with the best possible machine, and sometimes traditional CPAP machines are not enough, which brings us to bi-level/variable positive airway pressure machines, also known as a BiPAP machine.

At Respshop, we have top of the line BiPAP machines and BiPAP supplies for sale. You can buy these devices at the guaranteed best price around. So what is a BiPAP breathing machine and what is the difference between that a traditional CPAP machine? Usually a BiPAP machine is prescribed to help treat central sleep apnea, but can be used when there are extreme circumstances of obstructive sleep. A BiPAP machine will deliver two different levels of air pressure during the inhale and exhale so that the machine helps you breathe normally. Bi-level/variable positive airway pressure breathing machines will help you breathe during apnea therapy, and the design is intended to help simulate a breathing pattern that is normal as pressure is higher during inhale and lower during exhale.

Like a traditional CPAP machine, you can purchase any type of apnea mask for a BiPAP machine. While you can find locally Apria CPAP masks for sale, we guarantee the lowest prices and have BiPAP and CPAP BiPAP S/T Machinesmachines, CPAP Masks, and accessories from the leading manufacturers such as ResMed and Respironics for sale at