What is Sleeptember?

You may have been hearing chatter around the web about the Sleeptember campaign. If you’re not sure what that is, don’t worry — you’re not alone. Sleeptember is a social media campaign designed to raise awareness about the connection between sleep health and general well-being. Participants are encouraged to post on their personal social media accounts and to ask for donations from friends and family members to fund awareness and research efforts. The organizers of Sleeptember state that their goal is to change the way people look at sleep, improving the sleep and health habits of society as a whole.

Whos behind the movement?

Sleeptember is a program designed by the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA) and its partners. The ASAA is a patient-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded in 1990 with the goal of promoting awareness of sleep apnea and finding ways to improve treatments. In addition to members of the ASAA, Sleeptember coordinators include patients suffering from chronic health conditions, their advocates, various non-profit organizations, sleep experts and more. The diverse group of individuals work together towards the common goal of raising awareness of sleep-related health issues while simultaneously fundraising for research efforts.

The people behind the Sleeptember movement have successfully created a social media campaign that depends on small-scale networking. This model has proven to be very successful in the past in both raising awareness and raising money. Individuals are encouraged to join the movement and then share the group’s core message with their friends and family while posting links to fundraising websites.

Should you get involved?

If you’re comfortable asking friends and family for donations while you post about health conditions on your social media channels, you may be a great candidate for joining the movement. While you certainly don’t need a large list of friends or followers to make a difference, the more people that see your fundraising link, the more successful the campaign will be.

In addition to advocacy efforts, the group behind Sleeptember also promises that participants will get to engage in fun activities and events. These events and activities help forge personal connections and make people feel more connected to the movement. They’re also a fun way to reward people for their hard work and involvement.

How can you help?

Share, share, share! Because Sleeptember is a social media campaign, its success depends on people sharing fundraising links and spreading information. Encourage your friends and family to join the movement and educate those around you on the importance of getting enough sleep. Whether you suffer from a sleep disorder, know someone who does or have only heard about sleep disorders in passing, Sleeptember is a cause you can get behind. Get educated and educate others on the importance of sleep and the detrimental effects of too little sleep. Share the Sleeptember campaign with friends and family, and encourage them to donate to raise funds for research and advocacy programs. No matter how many friends or followers you have, you can make a difference. There’s power in numbers and every advocate counts.

The way we think about sleep is about to change and the Sleeptember campaign is leading the way. The people behind Sleeptember are passionate about making sure people get the sleep they need to stay healthy and are working hard to bring awareness to society. Joining the Sleeptember movement is easy and anyone can make a difference with just a few minutes of their time.