Sleep produces Excellent Results

By Nishant K,

It was the day before my last exam of the year. I had a 5 page review to do for my Environmental Science class to do looming in front of me. Bu that was not what was on my mind. It was also the day before Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out. Star Wars was the only thing on my mind. So much that whenever I would try to do my Environmental Science review, I would get sidetracked and start listening to the soundtracks of New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi on Spotify. After getting half way through my review, I collapsed on my bed and day dreamed about how tomorrow would go. I would quickly finish my Environmental Science exam, then I would rush home and marathon the original three Star Wars movies with my friends before seeing the Force Awakens in theatres. Then a thought hit me. A Star Wars experience would not be complete without every single one of the movies… What if I spent the night watching the dreaded prequel movies instead of doing my Environmental Science review? I had conveniently downloaded all three of the prequel movies beforehand on another occasion so it was a matter of deciding. And I didn’t need a very high grade on my Environmental Science exam to get the grade I wanted in the class, so doing the optional review was something on my mind. So after a couple of hours of lethargically doing my Environmental Science review in boredom, I finally got comfortable in my bed and started watching the first Star Wars prequel movie, The Phantom Menace at ten o clock at night. Finishing around 12, I immediately started on the next movie, Attack of the Clones, which finished at around 2 in the morning. The next movie, Revenge of the Sith, lasting till about 4:30 in the morning, leaving with about one and a half more hours of sleep till I have to wake up for school. After being completely exhausted from the three movies I had just marathoned, I set my alarm to six o clock in the morning and fell asleep in an instant. The blaring din of my alarm blasted through my phone slowly shook me out of my bed and into the shower. As I stood in the shower half awake, I slowly started to regret my decision of pulling an almost-all-nighter the night before an exam. Would I even stay awake during the two hours of the exam? I feared this impending disaster all the way to school, trying to mask my drowsiness from my mother from the minute I came downstairs till the second I reached school. Finally it was time for me to take my Environmental Science exam. My first and only exam of the day. I reassured myself in my head that everything would be okay and that I would not conk off in the middle of the test. As I started the test, everything seemed fine. But similar to when I was doing my review, I could not concentrate. Star Wars was the only thing on mind. My lack of sleep was hindering my concentration and focus. The drowsiness was slowly getting me. But I firmly stood my ground and told myself that I had to finish this test. Even with the amazing day ahead of me, I had to get this out of the way and do a good job. So I quickly finished the rest of the exam and did the best I could. Right after turning in my exam, I napped for the remaining hour of the class, and the remaining hours I had to myself until my friends arrived at my house to watch the movies. This experience taught me that sleep should never be sacrificed to satisfy an excitement or a temptation. Even though I passed my Environmental Science exam, I could have done much better with sleep and concentration.

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