Introducing the Pico Nasal CPAP Mask

Along with ResMed, Phillips Respironics is one of the top two manufacturers of continuous positive airway pressure equipment in the world. They make a line of comfortable and ergonomic masks along with arguably the most popular machine on the market. One of the few areas the company has noticeably lagged behind ResMed, however, was in the lightweight mask department. With ResMed’s release of the AirFit series this past summer, the Australian giant owned the world’s lightest nasal CPAP mask.

All that has changed with Respironics’ release of the Pico

Respironics boasts that the Pico is the lightest mask on the market, and while the degree to which that is true depends on the size of the mask in question, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the least obtrusive designs money can buy. The Pico comes with an inflatable silicone cushion and the typical crown-shaped headgear design that Respironics has successfully used for decades. The cushions inflate as you breathe, which creates the durable seal that allows the Pico to work: not only is there no reason to try to latch the mask down, but over-tightening will actually harm the quality of your seal.

Users should also know that the small plastic strip connecting the cushion to the headgear will not block their line of vision. The strip is composed of a see-through plastic material and is thin enough to largely escape your peripheral vision. If you like watching television or reading with your CPAP mask on, you won’t have to make an adjustment to your routine with the Pico.

Respironics also uses a comfortable fabric for the headgear. Non-abrasive and easy to use, the Velcro straps allow you to connect and un-strap your mask quickly and easily, which is ideal for patients who wake up at night. Furthermore, the fabric itself is soft and won’t rub uncomfortably against your facial skin.

The Pico comes with three different cushion sizes. The most popular cushion is the small/medium hybrid, which should fit most facial sizes and shapes. Respironics also produces a large and an extra-large cushion for the Pico, for sleep apnea patients with larger heads. For those who don’t know what size of mask they should wear, you have two options. First, you can check the sizing guide we’ve posted on the left, which can be printed to reliably show how the mask matches with your face. Second, you can select the ‘fitpack’ option, which allows you to purchase all three cushions for the same price as one! There’s literally no reason not to take that option.

Ultimately, when it comes to performance, functionality, durability, ergonomic-ness, capability, unabashedness, and living up to the hype, there’s few better investments in the CPAP world than with the Pico Nasal Mask. The bottom line is that this mask delivers: delivers oxygen in a comfortable and hygienic manner. The lightweight frame is easy to use and it won’t get you down after a tough day. If you’re in the market for a new mask, be sure to give the Pico a look today!

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