Respironics EasyLife CPAP Mask: A Different Kind of Comfort

When patients buy a CPAP mask, they’re looking for a few different things from their investment. At its core, the mask is the most important part of CPAP therapy, and so patients are looking for a mask that works. They need the mask to fit onto their face, and they need to be able to attach it seamlessly to their machine. The mask must not leak and it has to be washable, so that therapy can be conducted hygienically. But for CPAP therapy to be effective in the long run – and for the patient to continue therapy for as long as necessary – the mask must also be comfortable.

Patients looking for the most comfortable fit have a number of directions to turn. The new AirFit series offers a soothing cushion in a lightweight body while the ComfortGel Blue, long the most popular mask at RespShop, comes with a gel cushion that conforms to your face comfortably without sliding off. Some patients, however, dislike the ComfortGel Blue and are concerned that super light masks won’t have the durability to stay on their face throughout an entire night of therapy. For these people, we have a solution: The EasyLife from Respironics.

The EasyLife is a nasal, dual-cushioned CPAP mask designed to fit on your face easily. The butterfly-shaped headgear features intuitive and soft straps, which makes attaching, wearing, and detaching the mask easy. The mask’s unique Auto Seal function gives you the peace of mind that you’ll be getting the very most out of your therapy, and the comfortable cushion all but guarantees that you won’t wake up with stretch marks on your face, or any other unwanted symptoms commonly associated with an ill-fitting CPAP mask.

The most important feature of the mask is the dual-layered cushion. Unlike most nasal masks, which have a single cushion that conforms to your skin around your, the EasyLife’s dual-layered cushion offers you enhanced comfort and protection. The inner layer of the cushion attach to the skin just outside of your mouth: the cushion here is soft and a bit loose, meaning that it won’t brush against or chafe your skin. The seal is maintained by the outer cushion, which presses against your cheeks and offers a second line of defense. By placing this cushion outside of the first, it has a more uniform surface of skin to apply to, reducing the chance that your skin will become irritated by the cushion. Additionally, the second cushion offers more protection against mask leaks and augments your chances of making it through the night without losing air from the mask.

The rest of the mask is designed with comfort in mind as well. The straps are soft and the nasal bridge of the mask has been designed to allow you a full range of vision, ideal for patients who like to read or watch television before they drift off to sleep. Simply put, the EasyLife is one of the more comfortable masks on the shelves at RespShop: if you haven’t found the perfect CPAP mask for you yet, consider trying the EasyLife from Respironics.

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