Travel CPAP Machines and Bags

Travel CPAP Machines

Traveling with a CPAP machine can be difficult. The machines generally aren’t light, packing a humidifier takes up precious space, and nobody wants to think about having their machine handled and tossed around by the TSA or airport loading personnel. Recent regulations now allow patients to take their equipment on the plane with them more conveniently than before, but the fact of the matter remains that CPAP machines don’t make great travel companions.

Well, some don’t anyway.

At RespShop, we carry a number of CPAP machines that were designed with the traveler in mind. Built lightweight and packable, these travel CPAP machines are built to withstand the rigors of the road without slowing you down on your way through security. The smallest of these machines fits in the palm of your hand and all of them offer the durability you’d expect to find in an everyday machine. For patients non-compliant with standard CPAP machines, we even carry a couple of automatic machines. Read on for an in-depth look at our line of travel products!

Automatic Travel CPAP Machines

RespShop carries two different models of automatic CPAP machines: the APEX XT Auto
and the Transcend Auto Travel CPAP
machine. The APEX device offers all of the comfort features you’d expect in a top machine. In addition to automatic pressure variation, the XT Auto comes with a user friendly interface, an internal power supply, and a heated humidifier. Without the humidifier the APEX is about the size of a typical alarm clock (the humidifier can be attached and detached easily) but the Transcend Auto is even smaller. Tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Transcend still offers users pressure relief and the option of using a heated humidifier or a waterless humidifier for patients short on space.

XT Line of Machines

Beyond the XT Auto, APEX’s line of XT machines offers something for every CPAP user. For patients concerned about price, the XT Fit offers comfortably automatic pressure for just $189, making it the most inexpensive CPAP device on the market. Users who want a few more features might be interested in the XT Fit or the XT Prime. The Sense is built with leak compensation – which detects when your mask slips off and increases pressure to compensate for the lost air – while the Prime includes both leak compensation and PVA, which reduces pressure during exhalation. All APEX machines are available both with and without a humidifier.

Other Options

We also carry two other CPAP machines from Transcend: the Transcend EZEX Travel Machine and the Transcend II Travel Machine. The EZEX comes with EPR, a humidifier, and a simple interface in a package that weighs just a pound. The Transcend II weights just a little bit more and is built compatible with several overnight battery options. It comes with a standard wall plug in and a built in battery that will switch on automatically in the event of a power outage.

Carrying Your Equipment

Whether you’re a globetrotter or an occasional weekend traveler, anyone who has ever taken a CPAP machine on the road with them knows that they aren’t always the easiest things to pack. Machines can be big and bulky and if you’re trying to economize, it can be difficult to find room for the machine, all accessory equipment, and any other items you want to bring on your travels. Put it this way: you never want to have to choose between bringing your humidifier and taking a toothbrush.

Fortunately, we carry a number of travel CPAP bags
. The bags – made by ResMed, Respironics, and DeVilbiss – are built for specific machines, although most of these bags will be able to fit all of your equipment regardless of what kind of device you have. Each bag comes with a large pocket big enough to fit your machine and several pockets that can store anything else you might want to bring along, including your humidifier. The bags are lightweight and durable and should be able to store twenty pounds of equipment without stressing the straps.

The bottom line here is that you don’t have to feel restricted by your CPAP machine while you’re on the road. With our selection of travel devices and bags that can efficiently carry your equipment, you’ll be able to travel in style without compromising your therapy. Check out our line of travel items
and get back on the road with your CPAP equipment!


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