AirSense 10 For Her

The AirSense 10 For Her is the most innovative CPAP machine of 2014. The For Her is part of ResMed’s latest line of CPAP machines that debuted back in August and is the first machine ever built to accommodate the specific needs of female patients. If you’re a woman looking for a top of the line CPAP machine, it’s hard to do better than the AirSense 10 For Her

Women Experience Sleep Apnea Differently

Men and women both experience the debilitating side effects of sleep apnea. In both genders, untreated patients with sleep apnea will snore loudly during sleep and will feel excessively tired and groggy throughout the day. The specific behavior of apneas, however, are a little different in men than women.

In general women have smaller airways than men, which triggers apneas more frequently than men experience them. The narrower airway gives less room for oxygen to flow from their lungs and consequently they have upper respiratory disturbances relatively frequently. Like with men, each disturbance awakens the brain and prevents women from sleeping peacefully throughout the night.

Introducing the AirSense For Her

Knowing that women experience upper respiratory problems more often, ResMed designed the AirSense for Her to target the problem. The event detection algorithm in the For Her machine is built to respond to apneas quickly and aggressively as they arise. Conventional CPAP devices increase pressure by 3 cm H20 after three consecutive abnormal breaths. The For Her reacts quicker by increasing pressure after just one unnatural breath, treating the apnea as it arises. To compensate, the For Her increases pressure by just 2.5 cm H20, so you won’t feel as much of a sudden spike in pressure.

Like in any CPAP machine, the For Her’s event detection software will know when the apnea has ended and will reduce pressure back to your prescribed setting. Frequent apneas are particularly destructive to sleep, and if you experience them often, the instant relief the For Her provides could be a panacea for your sleep apnea.

Premier CPAP Therapy

In addition to the innovative algorithm, the For Her boasts all of the top notch features you’d expect in a modern ResMed CPAP machine. The AutoSet features EPR, a newly designed ramp, advanced data management capabilities, new event detection programs, an overhauled humidification system, a brand new heated breathing tube, large buttons, and an easy-to-learn user interface. All of these, combined with an aesthetic flowery design makes the AirSense for Her the best machine for women on the market.

If you have any further questions about the AirSense 10 For Her, or any of our other products and equipment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re available in our Redmond office from 8-5 PST Monday through Friday. We can also be reached over the phone (866-936-3754,) on social media, or at our email, [email protected]
. We always enjoy talking to customers and sleep apnea patients, and we’ll never pressure you into a sale. Get in touch for your sleep apnea today!

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