CPAP Tips Explained: Part II

On Twitter, we’ve been using the hashtag #cpaptipoftheday to deliver helpful information to our followers. We’ve been posting these regularly over the last month and like last week
, we’d like to expand on a couple of our tips here. Below, we’ve compiled a detailed summary of some of our most recent CPAP tips. We hope they’re helpful!

1. Remove The Water Chamber Before Filling It

For just about every CPAP machine, you’ll want to remove the water chamber from your humidifier before you fill it each night. While some machines allow you to pour water into the chamber without necessitating its removal from the humidifier, by doing so you run the risk of spilling water onto your machine. Since your machine is electric, this could damage the hardware. We don’t feel like the risk is worth it. Besides, if you take the chamber out to fill it with water you’ll get into the habit of washing it regularly.

2. If You’re Still Snoring, Something’s Going Wrong

This one should be intuitive. If you’re using a CPAP and you’re still snoring, your sleep apnea is probably not being treated properly. This doesn’t mean your therapy is ineffective or that your machine isn’t working: perhaps you need to make sure your mask is tight enough or that your pressure settings are correct. Either way, if you’re snoring, something needs to be changed going forward.

3. Nasal Masks Blend Lightweight and Comfortable

Nasal CPAP masks are more popular than nasal pillow and full face masks for a reason: they offer more durability than the former and tend to be lighter and more comfortable than the latter. If you breathe out of your nose and can withstand having a cushion on your nasal bridge, we’d recommend trying a nasal mask for optimal comfort and results.

4. Heated Breathing Tubes Augment Your Humidifier

Many of the newer CPAP machines — including the AirSense
and S9 series
from ResMed as well as 60 series machines
from Respironics — come with heated breathing tubes. These tubes can be attached and used just as easily as a normal breathing tube but they provide warmer air. This helps to battle symptoms like dry mouth and nasal congestion and also permits a soothing breathing experience. These tubes are only compatible with specific machines and humidifiers so don’t buy a ClimateLine tube with a Fisher & Paykel machine!

5. RespShop Carries Supplies and Accessories For (Nearly) Every Mask and Machine

At RespShop, we have all of the supplies you could ever need for your CPAP therapy. If you need a replacement tube, filter, cushion, chinstrap, headgear, side cover, port screw, flip panel, water chamber, gecko pad, SD card, battery charger, or anything else, we have it. We carry replacement parts for all of our machines, masks, and humidifiers, making us the go-to source for all of your CPAP therapy needs. If you’re having trouble finding anything in our inventory, don’t hesitate to reach out to us over email ([email protected]) or over the phone (1-866-936-3754). Get in touch for help with your sleep apnea therapy today!

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