Five Lightweight CPAP Masks

AirFit N10 for Her

AirFit N10 for Her

Of the many factors patients examine when purchasing a CPAP mask, the weight of the item is one of the most important. Lightweight CPAP masks are comfortable for several reasons. First, they tend to put less pressure on your face, which can make it easier to breathe naturally and fall asleep quickly. Second, they’re less likely to give you the dreaded mask drag, that feeling of a bulky mask slipping off your face as you toss and turn in bed. Finally, heavy masks are less likely to leave red marks or other facial blemishes if you sleep on your stomach.

Simply put, patients have many reasons for seeking a comfortable and lightweight mask. If that’s your main preference when shopping for a CPAP, this post may help you pick the perfect mask for your needs. Here’s our list:

5. Pilairo from Fisher & Paykel

Nasal pillow masks will inherently be lighter than nasal and full face masks, and the Pilairo
is no exception. With only three major parts, setting up and maintaining the Pilairo is easy, and it comes with headgear options so you can tailor a personalized fit. And, of course, the cushion is lightweight and easy to switch on and off the frame.

4. ResMed Swift FX

The ResMed Swift
is quiet, lightweight, travel friendly and was designed with the patient in mind. Light and unobtrusive headgear allows you to fall asleep in your favorite position and the nasal pillows will fit snugly and comfortably. For female patients, we also carry a Swift FX for her
that comes with smaller cushions.

3. Respironics GoLife

Respironics makes a GoLife for both men
and women
. The only difference between the masks is that the women’s mask is slightly lighter and features a smaller nasal pillow cushion. For both masks, Respironics gives you the option of wearing your hose traditionally or above your head, giving you the flexibility to choose what is most comfortable for you. Each mask comes with an enhanced seal and adjustable headgear. Critically, the two different variations are both lightweight and are designed to contour to a male and female’s face respectively.

2. Respironics Nuance

The first gel nasal pillow mask to hit the market, the Nuance
remains one of the lightest CPAP masks available. The gel pillow weighs less than other cushions and the gel is built to conform perfectly around your face, creating a seal that will enhance your therapy without blemishing your face or disturbing your sleep.

1. ResMed AirFit P10

Finally, the lightest mask on the market is the AirFit P10
. Weighing just 1.6 ounces, the AirFit is ResMed’s answer to patients who want a high performing lightweight mask. The cushions come in a variety of sizes to suit different patients, and the headgear can be customized easily (magnets also make attaching and detaching your headgear a breeze).

For patients who dislike nasal pillow masks, ResMed also makes the AirFit in a full face
and nasal
model as well. Though not quite as light as the P10, the full face and nasal AirFit masks are lighter than all other masks in there respective categories. The bottom line is that if you like lightweight masks, the AirFit series
— which also includes For Her items for women — has you covered!

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