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For many sleep apnea patients, purchasing a CPAP mask is one of the most challenging parts of CPAP therapy. If you’re a CPAP patient, you will wear your mask more than any piece of clothing you own. Your comfort and well-being throughout the day will be substantially impacted by the comfort you feel from your mask. It’s an important purchase and it’s one that patients rightly take very seriously.

One of the problems inherent in purchasing a mask is that it’s tough to really get a feel for a mask before you purchase one. Whether you purchase in store or online, most companies won’t allow you to try a mask on to see if it’s comfortable, and even if you do have the opportunity to wear a mask for a minute or two, it’s difficult to project whether that relative comfort you feel in the office will endure through several months of nightly therapy use. It’s a situation that understandably unsettles CPAP patients.

At RespShop, we try to solve this problem with our mask assurance program
. Every mask we sell comes with an automatic 30-day mask assurance return guarantee. As a customer, this would give you thirty days to essentially ‘try out’ your mask. If after thirty days you have any problem with the mask — wrong size, style, comfort, whatever — you can send it back to us for a refund or exchange it for a different style of mask.

There are some regulations: first all returns must be initiated within thirty days and we can’t send you a new mask until we receive the old one back. We also charge a 15% restocking fee, which can come in the form of credit or a direct refund. Finally, you’ll have to cover all shipping charges.

We have found that this program helps give patients necessary peace of mind when they purchase their CPAP mask. Instead of fretting over finding the perfect mask, our customers know that they can return their mask if they don’t like it and receive a second at a substantial markdown. This will allow you to get the most out of your therapy without trying to ‘make it work’ with a mask you just don’t like very much.

If you have any questions about our mask assurance program or anything else CPAP related, please get in touch with our customer service department. They’re available by phone at 866-936-3754, email at [email protected], and over Facebook and Twitter. Reach out for help with your sleep apnea today!

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