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Sleep apnea therapy patients have a choice where they shop for their supplies: locally or online. Each has it’s advantages — and if you live in the Seattle area you can get both at RespShop — but for most customers, we think that the financial advantages to shopping over the internet make online retail the superior option. Let’s look a little more at why.

CPAP Selection

Most online CPAP retailers boast a large selection of items. Whether it’s masks, machines, supplies, or accessories, online stores offer a palette of choices from several different manufacturers. While some local stores may only offer one or two CPAP machines, at RespShop we carry dozens of machines from a handful of manufacturers. Other online outlets can offer a similar quantity.

By contrast, most local CPAP stores have relatively small inventories. Often, they won’t have many masks or machines and the models they do carry may be outdated. It’s also unlikely that you’ll find a large selection of travel machines
, and you might not be able to shop by mask type
either. These problems are exacerbated when it comes time to buy additional supplies, like comfort and cleaners: many local stores won’t have these items, which means you’ll have to go online anyway.

CPAP Prices

Just as important as the difference in selection is the discrepancy in price. Online retailers tend to have lower costs than in-store re-sellers, which allows them to pass the savings on to you. Because online outlets can reach a wider base of customers, they can afford to charge less per item than other CPAP sellers. In turn, this helps them get favorable contracts from the biggest CPAP manufactuers — like ResMed, Respironics, APEX, DeVilbiss, Fisehr & Paykel, etc. — allowing them to sell items even cheaper.

While all stores are different, it’s undoubtedly important for customers to check a variety of prices. We’re confident that, for the most part, you’ll find that masks and machines will be significantly cheaper when you buy online instead of locally.

Advantages to Local

There are, of course, some advantages to buying locally. While most local stores won’t allow you to try masks on your face, you will be able to see the products you’ll be using in person before you buy them. This can be important for some items, particularly for patients concerned with machine noise. You’ll also be able to talk to a professional CPAP specialist in person, and they can help you find the right mask and machine for you.

Of course, most online services can help you with many of those things as well, and that includes RespShop, Seattle CPAP Supplier
. If you have any questions about any CPAP product, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re available during normal business hours on social media, email ([email protected]), over the phone (866-936-3754) or over chat on our website. We’ll never pressure you into buying and you can count on our friendly customer service team for the best help and advice.

And hey: if you’re near Seattle, head on over to Redmond
for the best of both worlds!

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