Best Oxygen Concentrators and Supplies

At RespShop, we now carry home and portable oxygen concentrators, as well as supplies for both systems. We know that reliability and independence are huge factors for oxygen patients when they look for supplies for their therapy, and we want to do everything we can to help them feel satisfied and secure in what we carry. To help achieve that ambition, we’ve laid out the basics on everything we carry below as well as our plans for the future as far as oxygen concentration is concerned.

Home Oxygen Concentrators

All of the home oxygen concentrators
that we carry are designed to reliably provide consistent levels of oxygen to patients. Home concentrators help take ambient air, concentrate it in the unit, and then deliver it to you through a cannula. These concentrators are ideal for patients who are more stationary and need a reliable stream of oxygen for long periods of time. They are easy to use, hassle free, and intuitive to set up and use.

We carry three home concentrators at the moment: one each from market leaders Respironics, AirSep, and Easy Flow. The Easy Flow 5
is a top of the line machine built to handle a wide range of temperatures and altitudes. Respironics’s EverFlow
concentrator is one of the quieter home concentrators around, with a sound level of just forty dBA. Finally, the AirSep VisionAire 5
Oxygen Concentrator is the latest and best designed device from the leading oxygen therapy manufacturer.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

As the name implies, portable oxygen concentrators
are built for oxygen therapy patients who remain fit and active. These devices work similarly to the home oxygen concentrators, but they tend to be lighter and significantly more mobile. Some portable oxygen concentrators are small enough to be placed in a pack while others can be attached to a rolling case. These devices are always lightweight and can be pulled easily around your home or through town.

With nine portable oxygen concentrators
, we carry too many to profile all of them here. Our most popular portable model is the SimplyGo Concentrator from Respironics
. The SimplyGo weighs less than ten pounds, making it one of the lightest devices of its kind in the world. It comes with high-powered lithium batteries that can carry a charge for several hours. Like all of our portable oxygen systems, the SimplyGo comes with a convenient carrying case.

Power and Accessory Supplies

In addition to the portable and home concentrators we have in stock, we also carry all of the supplies and power options
you could ever need for your device. We carry battery chargers, rechargeable batteries, AC power cords, DC power supplies, power adapters, and micro batteries. We also have an array of carrying options for your portable machines. We have two different wheeled carts as well as a handful of packs that can store your oxygen machine and its supplies.

The bottom line is that RespShop is the place to go for all of your oxygen needs. We have the products you need and the expertise to help you get your machine running the way you need it. If you have any questions about our machines or anything else, feel free to reach out to us on the blog, on Twitter, at our email ([email protected]
) or over the phone at 866-936-375

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