Distinguishing CPAP Machine Types

An Auto CPAP Machine

The 560 from Respironics is an Auto CPAP Machine.

At RespShop, we frequently get questions about the different types of CPAP machines we carry. Customers frequently ask ‘what is the difference between the CPAP machines category and the auto CPAP machines listing? or ‘can a travel machine be used regularly?’ and even ‘what are those BiPAP/VPAP machines?’ Today, we’d like to help clear up ambiguities between these machines and help you better figure out exactly what you need for your sleep apnea therapy.

First let’s talk about manual CPAP machines, which are listed as ‘CPAP Machines
’ on RespShop. These devices operate at a fixed pressure setting and can be considered the most basic type of machine on the market. To operate, the patient simply turns on the machine, sets the pressure to their desired setting – generally, manual machines will have a fixed pressure range of between 4 and 20 cm H20 – and falls asleep. Many, but not all, manual machines have a ramp feature that allows your machine to climb toward your desired pressure incrementally, allowing you to slowly adapt to your specifications and drift off to sleep without a sudden rush of pressure. Our most popular manual machine is Respironics’s PR System One 60 Series REMStar Pro

Auto machines
, on the other hand, feature various algorithms that help deliver optimal pressure to you throughout the night. These machines have the ability to adjust pressure during exhalation for a smooth respiratory cycle and they respond to changes in your breathing patterns and apneas to ensure that the proper rate of pressure is delivered at all times. Like manual machines, these also come with ramp technology. ResMed’s S9 AutoSet
is the most popular auto machine at RespShop.

Travel CPAP machines
can be either manual or auto machines: what sets these apart from standard CPAP machines is not the pressure settings, but rather the portability of the device. Be sure to check out our video
documenting the advantages and functions of travel machines on your Youtube channel if you want more information.

Finally, VPAP and BiPAP machines
are strictly for patients with central sleep apnea, which is a more serious condition than obstructive sleep apnea. VPAP and BiPAP machines help the users breathe at night, and have higher pressure ranges than CPAP machines. VPAP machines should never be used interchangeably with CPAP equipment, as they are two entirely different machines designed to treat different conditions.

Hopefully this summary provided you a little more context and information about the type of CPAP machines we carry at RespShop. If you have any further questions about us or our products, please drop us a line below the video or at our email, [email protected]

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