CPAP Mask For Her

AirFit N10 for Her

AirFit N10 for Her

At RespShop
, we offer a number of different CPAP mask options for our customers. One of our lines consists of masks designed specifically for women
: this includes ResMed’s line of ‘for her’ masks and also women’s masks from Respironics and Fisher & Paykel.

Masks designed for women are built a little differently than standard CPAP masks. In an attempt to accommodate feminine facial structures, the cushions on the for her masks are smaller and angled slightly differently than traditional cushions. Some of these masks also come with slightly smaller headgear. All ‘for her’ masks come with pink-colored headgear, and many feature aesthetic pink trim on the outside of the mask’s frame as well.

ResMed makes ten different ‘for her’ masks, including multiple nasal masks, nasal cushion masks, and full face designs each. Respironics makes a nasal pillow mask for ladies while Fisher & Paykel’s Lady Zest is a full face CPAP mask. Let’s touch on a few of our popular for her masks.

Like all for her CPAP masks, the AirFit N10 For Her
from ResMed features the same basic concept as the men’s mask. It comes with magnetic attachment clips, a dual-walled cushion, and a design that minimizes facial contact points. The only difference between the for her model and the original design is the smaller cushion and the pink trim on the headgear straps and the inside of the cushion.

The Lady Zest Q
from Fisher & Paykel offers perhaps the best design from an artistic standpoint. Like the men’s mask, the Zest Q features Fisher & Paykel’s FlexiFit technology that helps the mask adjust to fit a variety of faces (though, of course, the Lady Zest Q is intended for patients with relatively small facial structures). What separates this model from the men’s mask is the flowery pink design on the inside and outside of the mask.

Finally, the Respironics GoLife
for women is built with a flexible nasal pillow cushion that will accommodate your movement throughout the night witout damaging your seal. It features pink headgear straps, and the mask’s tube can be worn traditionally or attached above your head.

These are just three of the twelve for her CPAP masks we carry at RespShop. Take a look at our line today for the best – and best looking – fit for you.

Finally, just as a reminder, we’d like to mention that even though the masks are labeled ‘for her’, they are not inherently incompatible with men’s faces. Men with small faces and facial ones might find that the for her models actually fit better than standard masks. At the same time, some women may not like the shape of their for her cushions and may opt for a different sized mask. For patients who like the for her size but not the pink trim, many of ResMed’s masks that come with a for her option also include a similarly sized cushion in their traditional colors.

For more information, check out our video below:

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