CPAP Mask Leaks

CPAP Mask Leaks

Avoid CPAP mask leaks for better therapy.

Avoid CPAP mask leaks for better therapy.

Over the next few weeks I am going to do some blogs on common CPAP problems and their solutions, and I am going to start with a blog about CPAP Mask Leaks and the common issues that can cause this problem, and offer up some of the potential solutions. I am going to call this my CPAP Problems and Solutions series, and each will be followed with hopefully a helpful video. I originally was going to write one large post, but then I realized that there are multitudes of potential problems with CPAP therapy that can be solved very easily, and I figured the best way to make this user friendly was to break it down into sub sections. Anyway, now that I have rambled, let’s introduce you to CPAP Mask Leaks and their potential solutions! (Quick side note, if what is ailing you isn’t covered, please get in touch with our customer service department and let them know about your exact problem so that we can guide you in the right direction.)

First things first with any CPAP mask or machine is to make sure that you clean your equipment regularly. The oils from your face can cause mask cushions to break down more quickly than traditional wear and tear, and if a cushion is starting to deteriorate, you’ll notice an increased amount of leaks from your mask. CPAP mask leaks not only bother your partner due to the increased noise, but they also have a large impact on the overall therapy you are receiving as less air will be getting into your airway passage. If you are starting to notice leaks, whether you’re experiencing a louder mask due to more pressure being blown out, or paying regular attention to your CPAP therapy data, you should replace your mask cushions. In general cushions start to break down every two to three months, dependent upon how well you take care of your mask.

Mask leaks don’t just occur because of a worn down cushion. CPAP users may be using the wrong sized cushion with their mask and should look into replacing their medium with a small or large. Most of the masks we sell have replacement cushions available, and sizing with CPAP masks is the hardest part of making a purchase. If you choose a medium and realize only later it’s too big or too small, you can usually replace the cushion without having to purchase a whole new mask. Your mask should never be uncomfortable on your head to the point where it is extremely tight and leaving marks just to get a good seal, if this is the case, look into purchasing a different cushion size.

Not all of the problems with CPAP Masks have to do with the actual mask itself, sometimes your machine can be set at a pressure setting that is too high and causing your mask to blow off your face. If your mask is fitting perfectly, and comfortably, a very key element (hey if a mask isn’t comfortable, you probably won’t wear it!), before you turn on your machine, and yet being blown off your face during use, it is probable that either your pressure is too high, or your CPAP machine is malfunctioning. It is important to regularly consult your prescribing physician to make sure that you are both monitoring your data and to make adjustments as needed to your pressure.

Finally, if neither of those options are what’s ailing you, then look into purchasing RemZzz CPAP Mask Liners
. A comfort feature that works with nasal and full face masks, RemZzz’s act as a barrier between your skin and mask cushion, and not only improve comfort, but they can also help with the seal by filling in any unwanted cracks, and happen to be a much cheaper option then always purchasing new masks!

Hopefully the answer to your CPAP Mask Leaks problem was found within this blog post, but if it was not, please get in touch with our customer service department at 866-936-3754 so that we can make sure your therapy device is working at its peak during use, working hand in hand to help treat your sleeping disorder!

CPAP Problems and Solutions

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