Choosing a CPAP Mask

There are three common CPAP mask options: full face, nasal, and nasal pillow.

There are three common CPAP mask options: full face, nasal, and nasal pillow.

Choosing a CPAP mask can be difficult for CPAP users, and we’re going to help your navigate through the hundreds of masks by breaking down the three main categories to help you find the perfect choice for your therapy set up.

There are three different types of CPAP masks, and they’re each significantly different in the way that they deliver your therapy. Every person is going to be different in their needs, which is why this post will hopefully give you the positives and negatives of each mask, so that when you make your choice, you know that you have the perfect mask for your sleep apnea.

Let’s start by talking about the three different varieties of CPAP masks that we sell at Respshop. The most popular type of CPAP masks are the nasal masks, which completely cover the nose. Nasal masks tend to be the most popular mask for CPAP therapy, but that does not mean they are meant for everybody. Nasal masks will cover your nose, and if they are fitting right, will completely seal the nasal passage and deliver consistent therapy throughout the night. Nasal masks are intended to be designed for users who breathe through their nose throughout the night. Nasal masks tend to be in the middle when it comes to size and weight, not as light as nasal pillows, nor as heavy or bulky as full face CPAP masks. Those who don’t like nasal masks tend to complain about pressure on the bridge of the nose. If you believe that you need a nasal mask for your therapy but are hesitant due to these concerns, products such as the gecko nasal pad
can help.

For CPAP users who breathe out of their nasal passage but cannot get used to the nasal pad sealing around their nose, nasal pillow masks may be the perfect choice. Nasal pillows are the lightest CPAP masks available on the market, and tend to be less restrictive. Most nasal pillows offer the widest range of vision when being used as they have less parts than their counterparts, which can also mean less time cleaning your mask. Users who don’t like nasal pillows tend to need a mask that is more secure and do not enjoy the prongs being in the nose rather than having a cushion that seals around it.

Choosing a CPAP mask isn’t just about comfort, it’s also about needs. We have a post on CPAP Masks for Mouth Breathers where we talk about specific types of masks. Take a read if that’s something you’re struggling with. In it you’ll notice we focus on full face CPAP masks, which cover both the nose and mouth, and are going to be the choice for anybody who breathes out of their mouth during sleep. Full face masks will seal around both areas of your face, and will make sure that if you do breathe out of your mouth during CPAP use, your therapy won’t be negatively affected. Full face masks are not necessary for those who only breathe out of their nose, but some users may find them more comfortable than nasal masks. Like nasal masks, users may struggle with the mask touching the bridge of your nose or the cheeks, and products like the RemZzz mask liner
can be helpful in relieving any sore spots.

If you’re ever concerned with choosing a CPAP mask, get in touch with our customer service department and tell them about your needs and concerns. Hopefully we can get you set up with the right mask for you, so that when it comes time to use your CPAP machine, you’re comfortable and your therapy is effective as we work to help you deal with your sleep apnea.

Choosing a CPAP Mask

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