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Respshops Most Popular CPAP Machines

Looking for the most popular CPAP machines can be difficult, how do you know what other consumers are choosing? At Respshop, we’re one of the leading suppliers for sleep apnea therapy devices, also known as CPAP machines. For first time purchasers, or even longtime users who are not up to date with the newest models of machines, this blog post and the accompanying video are going to give you a little insight into our customers choices and help you find the perfect machine for you, based on the top selling models that we carry!

It can be tough for any user trying to navigate the large quantity of machines that we carry, whether you need an auto CPAP or a fixed pressure, knowing if you want or need a humidifier or heated tubing (which is a relatively new design for CPAP machines, increasing comfort by heating the tube during use and reducing the moisture, especially nice for users who live in extreme temperatures), and choosing a manufacturer that will best fit your needs. At Respshop, we carry continuous positive airway pressure machines from the top manufacturers, including ResMed, Respironics, DeVilbiss, Fisher and Paykel, APEX, and Transcend amongst many others. While all of our machines are great, you might specifically need a certain function to better your therapy. Usually this information is discussed between you and your physician who subscribed you the machine in the first place, but just in case we are going to give you a quick rundown to talk about the 5 most popular CPAP machines we have sold during the 2014 year! Here is Respshops top 5 most popular CPAP machines, in order from 1 to 5, based solely off our customers orders!resmed s9

Our top selling machine is the ResMed S9 AutoSet
, the premier auto machine from quite possible the premier manufacturer in the industry. Available with and without a humidifier, our customers prefer with the humidifier and the heated tubing, also known as ClimateLine tubing. Improving comfort without sacrificing the effectiveness of your sleep apnea therapy is important, and the S9 AutoSet is a top of the line machine that will ensure that you are comfortable at all times. The S9 CPAP machines come with pressure relief, which reduces pressure levels during your exhale, and returns to normal during inhale, to help simulate a normal breathing pattern.

If ResMed is 1 A when it comes to CPAP machines, then Respironics is 1 B, and it’s a really close 1 B. Respironics has long been one of the top companies in the CPAP industry for machines, and the System One 60 Series is the latest in a long line of terrific machines. The DS560
is the auto machine in the 60 series line, and like the S9 before it, it comes with pressure relief and is available with a heated humidifier and heated tubing to improve comfort during use.

The ICON auto
is smaller than both the DS560 and S9 AutoSet, mainly due to the fact that its humidifier is internal rather than attached. With a built in humidifier, the ICON Auto from Fisher and Paykel takes up less room, making it one of the most ergonomic at home use CPAP machines available. Very popular with customers throughout the world, the ICON has SenseAwake technology which helps to reduce the amount of times you wake up throughout the night by monitoring and changing pressure to best suit your needs.

With the longest warranty in the industry, the DeVilbiss intelliPAP AutoAdjust
, otherwise known as the DV54D is compact like the ICON, with its humidifier on the bottom of the machine, and offers a 5 year warranty that cannot be beat. With pressure relief and a unique SmartLink software system that helps with monitoring your therapy, the DV54 is the top of line machine in the intelliPAP series.

The Breas iSleep 20i
is an ideal machine for users who want more space on their bedside table. With a built in alarm clock and a compact design, the iSleep 20i is a unique CPAP machine that is perfect for at home users or those on the go. With an extremely user friendly interface and large screen that makes adjusting your settings a breeze, the iSleep is very popular with users around the world. The hose is located at the rear of the machine so that is sits out of the screen and is unobtrusive to users.

Hopefully this should help you with your decision process when it comes time to buy a new machine. These are the most popular machines that Respshop customers have chosen in the 2014 calendar year, but as with every machine, every patient is difference. Get in contact with our customer service department to learn more about the most popular machines, and we will ensure that no matter how severe your sleep apnea is, we will get you set up with the best possible machine to help you start treating your sleep disorder immediately!

Most Popular CPAP Machines

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