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APEX XT Prime CPAP Machine

Is there really a “best” travel CPAP machine? I’ll answer with this, is there really a best CPAP machine? The answer is no for both, as the machine you choose may have the features you require for treating your sleep apnea, while others may need something different with their machine. As with all CPAP therapy, also known as continuous positive airway pressure, travel machines can come with a long list of features that may or may not be useful to you as a user. While you may require a humidifier, others won’t, and some users love having an auto machine while others may prefer that their pressure is set at a consistent level throughout the night. Traveling with a CPAP machine, like owning an at home device, has become complicated, that’s why this blog and subsequent video should help you navigate the slew of sleep apnea therapy devices that we carry at Respshop.

First, what is the difference between a travel machine and a standard machine? Typically, the weight and size are much different than say a ResMed S9 or Respironics System One 60 Series machine. At Respshop, when we say travel, we really mean that you should use it for shorter periods of a time rather than every day as a standard machine. That’s not to say that these machines will deliver less, whether it’s the APEX XT line, or the Transcend series, all of these machines are going to deliver the optimal pressure that you require for your CPAP therapy, and a lot of time they come with unique features that make traveling easier.

Going on a vacation where you won’t have consistent power? Maybe you’re going camping and need to use your CPAP machine, that’s when the Transcend or Z1 machines become must haves. The Z1 (which is the smallest and possibly most unique machine available for sale due to the fact that it’s roughly the size of a smartphone) has a power shell and overnight battery that will allow you to use your machine without plugging it in, while the Transcend has two different battery options, including an overnight and a multi night battery, as well as a solar charger that will allow you to charge said batteries and use your machine for longer trips, a must have for frequent campers or back backers going on longer vacations!

APEX machines do not have battery options but are perfect for travelers staying in locations where they do have full access to power outlets as the XT line is palm sized and has four different machines, from the basic XT fit to the advanced XT auto machine, giving you a multitude of options to choose from when picking the best travel companion for treating your sleep apnea therapy. APEX also has the iCH auto machine, which has a built in humidifier and is powerful enough to be an everyday machine and small enough to pack on the go! APEX has long been known for their travel CPAP machines, and their latest and newest additions are some of the smallest CPAPs available on the market.

At Respshop, we carry all of these machines and the lowest prices. Get in touch with our customer service department from Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm pacific standard time to learn more about traveling with a CPAP machine and the list of Travel CPAP Machines that we carry and start getting treatment for your sleep apnea sooner rather than later!


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