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Cleaning CPAP Machines

The SoClean can help sanitize your CPAP equipment.

The SoClean can help sanitize your CPAP equipment.Proper Ways of Cleaning CPAP Machines

Cleaning CPAP Machines daily is one of the most important things you can do. Not only does it extend the life of your equipment and save you money, but it greatly benefits your overall health. Sleep apnea is a serious health disorder, and getting treatment is not only important to healthy living, but it can affect your ability to perform at work, school, or any other important area of life. Treating sleeping disorders has become more relevant in the last decade, as the community starts to realize that sleep apnea is a serious condition, and CPAP machines are the primary way of treating both safely and effectively.

There are multiple steps to beginning CPAP treatment, getting a sleep test done, getting a prescription from your doctor, researching the best possible machine for your need, maybe trying out the different types of CPAP masks, whether its full face or nasal, and purchasing your set up and getting started. While many users have gone through these steps and are now undergoing treatment, what some don’t realize is the important of taking care of your equipment can not only save you money, it can really improve your therapy and your overall health.

We’re treating a health disorder that millions suffer from, and these machines and masks are touching your face and being breathed into every night that you use it. As with any type of medical equipment, sanitizing is extremely important to ensure that your mask and tube are thoroughly cleaned from any types of bacteria or facial oils. One of the biggest complains or concerns we get from customers is leaks from their CPAP mask, and while a lot of time that may have to do with proper fitting or the right type of mask, it can also be caused by your cushion or headgear breaking down. A CPAP mask is going to sit on your face throughout the night, and the oils from your skin can cause your cushion to break down faster than standard wear and tear if not properly cleaned.

So how do you clean a mask properly? First, warm water and a mild detergent every morning after use is the bare minimum, as a user myself, I recommend going beyond that, whether it’s with CPAP mask cleansing wipes or a CPAP mask spray. The video that we made for you below will give you a basic outline of how to use these products, but in general they’re pretty simple. The wipes are like any typical household wipe, albeit with much different products in them, and they can be used to clean your mask and should be disposed of. The spray on the other hand is sprayed directly onto the mask, and then you should wash it off with warm water.

Masks are just one part of cleaning CPAP equipment, possibly the most important piece to clean on your set up is the hardest to thoroughly do. The CPAP tube will build up bacteria over consistent use, and while washing it out with water and soap and hanging to air dry may work, it’s not guarantee to remove everything inside. This tube brush has been one of the most beneficial things I ever purchased for my set up. While I use the standard 6 foot tube, this brush is also available in a 5 foot length, and as you see in the video, you should clean out both sides to make sure you get all the way through the tube.

Finally we come to CPAP humidifiers, I use one with my machine, but not everybody does. For those who do, they know how comfortable they can be, but do they know that the water chamber can get filled with bacteria or minerals from tap water use? Replacing the water every morning after use is important, and cleaning it out (not in the dishwasher!!) will make sure that you scrub away any of the bad. While tap filter will work, distilled water is recommended as it is cleaner and safer, and will make improve the therapy you receive from your CPAP equipment.

Listen, I am realistic, it’s a chore to always be cleaning CPAP machines, but it’s one that is necessary, if not for the health, at least the money! I know I prefer saving 40 or 50 dollars every few weeks on cushion replacements by just taking a wipe and making sure I take proper care of my set up. We are all in this to treat our sleep disorders, and knowing that sleep apnea is a serious medical condition, we should strive hard to educate each other on how we work to clean our equipment. Leave me some comments to let me know what you guys think, and hopefully this was a good outline for some of the important basics to CPAP maintenance!

Cleaning Your CPAP Equipment

Popular CPAP Machines purchased at

Respshops Most Popular CPAP Machines

Looking for the most popular CPAP machines can be difficult, how do you know what other consumers are choosing? At Respshop, we’re one of the leading suppliers for sleep apnea therapy devices, also known as CPAP machines. For first time purchasers, or even longtime users who are not up to date with the newest models of machines, this blog post and the accompanying video are going to give you a little insight into our customers choices and help you find the perfect machine for you, based on the top selling models that we carry!

It can be tough for any user trying to navigate the large quantity of machines that we carry, whether you need an auto CPAP or a fixed pressure, knowing if you want or need a humidifier or heated tubing (which is a relatively new design for CPAP machines, increasing comfort by heating the tube during use and reducing the moisture, especially nice for users who live in extreme temperatures), and choosing a manufacturer that will best fit your needs. At Respshop, we carry continuous positive airway pressure machines from the top manufacturers, including ResMed, Respironics, DeVilbiss, Fisher and Paykel, APEX, and Transcend amongst many others. While all of our machines are great, you might specifically need a certain function to better your therapy. Usually this information is discussed between you and your physician who subscribed you the machine in the first place, but just in case we are going to give you a quick rundown to talk about the 5 most popular CPAP machines we have sold during the 2014 year! Here is Respshops top 5 most popular CPAP machines, in order from 1 to 5, based solely off our customers orders!resmed s9

Our top selling machine is the ResMed S9 AutoSet, the premier auto machine from quite possible the premier manufacturer in the industry. Available with and without a humidifier, our customers prefer with the humidifier and the heated tubing, also known as ClimateLine tubing. Improving comfort without sacrificing the effectiveness of your sleep apnea therapy is important, and the S9 AutoSet is a top of the line machine that will ensure that you are comfortable at all times. The S9 CPAP machines come with pressure relief, which reduces pressure levels during your exhale, and returns to normal during inhale, to help simulate a normal breathing pattern.

If ResMed is 1 A when it comes to CPAP machines, then Respironics is 1 B, and it’s a really close 1 B. Respironics has long been one of the top companies in the CPAP industry for machines, and the System One 60 Series is the latest in a long line of terrific machines. The DS560 is the auto machine in the 60 series line, and like the S9 before it, it comes with pressure relief and is available with a heated humidifier and heated tubing to improve comfort during use.

The ICON auto is smaller than both the DS560 and S9 AutoSet, mainly due to the fact that its humidifier is internal rather than attached. With a built in humidifier, the ICON Auto from Fisher and Paykel takes up less room, making it one of the most ergonomic at home use CPAP machines available. Very popular with customers throughout the world, the ICON has SenseAwake technology which helps to reduce the amount of times you wake up throughout the night by monitoring and changing pressure to best suit your needs.

With the longest warranty in the industry, the DeVilbiss intelliPAP AutoAdjust, otherwise known as the DV54D is compact like the ICON, with its humidifier on the bottom of the machine, and offers a 5 year warranty that cannot be beat. With pressure relief and a unique SmartLink software system that helps with monitoring your therapy, the DV54 is the top of line machine in the intelliPAP series.

The Breas iSleep 20i is an ideal machine for users who want more space on their bedside table. With a built in alarm clock and a compact design, the iSleep 20i is a unique CPAP machine that is perfect for at home users or those on the go. With an extremely user friendly interface and large screen that makes adjusting your settings a breeze, the iSleep is very popular with users around the world. The hose is located at the rear of the machine so that is sits out of the screen and is unobtrusive to users.

Hopefully this should help you with your decision process when it comes time to buy a new machine. These are the most popular machines that Respshop customers have chosen in the 2014 calendar year, but as with every machine, every patient is difference. Get in contact with our customer service department to learn more about the most popular machines, and we will ensure that no matter how severe your sleep apnea is, we will get you set up with the best possible machine to help you start treating your sleep disorder immediately!

Most Popular CPAP Machines

Travel CPAP Machines

APEX XT Prime CPAP Machine

Is there really a “best” travel CPAP machine? I’ll answer with this, is there really a best CPAP machine? The answer is no for both, as the machine you choose may have the features you require for treating your sleep apnea, while others may need something different with their machine. As with all CPAP therapy, also known as continuous positive airway pressure, travel machines can come with a long list of features that may or may not be useful to you as a user. While you may require a humidifier, others won’t, and some users love having an auto machine while others may prefer that their pressure is set at a consistent level throughout the night. Traveling with a CPAP machine, like owning an at home device, has become complicated, that’s why this blog and subsequent video should help you navigate the slew of sleep apnea therapy devices that we carry at Respshop.

First, what is the difference between a travel machine and a standard machine? Typically, the weight and size are much different than say a ResMed S9 or Respironics System One 60 Series machine. At Respshop, when we say travel, we really mean that you should use it for shorter periods of a time rather than every day as a standard machine. That’s not to say that these machines will deliver less, whether it’s the APEX XT line, or the Transcend series, all of these machines are going to deliver the optimal pressure that you require for your CPAP therapy, and a lot of time they come with unique features that make traveling easier.

Going on a vacation where you won’t have consistent power? Maybe you’re going camping and need to use your CPAP machine, that’s when the Transcend or Z1 machines become must haves. The Z1 (which is the smallest and possibly most unique machine available for sale due to the fact that it’s roughly the size of a smartphone) has a power shell and overnight battery that will allow you to use your machine without plugging it in, while the Transcend has two different battery options, including an overnight and a multi night battery, as well as a solar charger that will allow you to charge said batteries and use your machine for longer trips, a must have for frequent campers or back backers going on longer vacations!

APEX machines do not have battery options but are perfect for travelers staying in locations where they do have full access to power outlets as the XT line is palm sized and has four different machines, from the basic XT fit to the advanced XT auto machine, giving you a multitude of options to choose from when picking the best travel companion for treating your sleep apnea therapy. APEX also has the iCH auto machine, which has a built in humidifier and is powerful enough to be an everyday machine and small enough to pack on the go! APEX has long been known for their travel CPAP machines, and their latest and newest additions are some of the smallest CPAPs available on the market.

At Respshop, we carry all of these machines and the lowest prices. Get in touch with our customer service department from Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm pacific standard time to learn more about traveling with a CPAP machine and the list of Travel CPAP Machines that we carry and start getting treatment for your sleep apnea sooner rather than later!


Masks for CPAP

Treating sleep apnea can be difficult for first time users or those who have been undergoing CPAP treatment for years, as finding the perfect mask to deliver therapy without sacrificing on your comfort can be a difficult task. At Respshop, we carry masks for CPAP therapy from the leading manufacturers such as ResMed and Respironics, and we have them on sale at the lowest prices online! Whether you’re looking for a nasal mask like the Respironics ComfortGel Blue, a full face mask like the ResMed Mirage Quattro FX, you’ll find all of your continuous positive airway pressure needs at Respshop.

Sleep apnea is a serious medical problem, and one that has been negatively affecting people’s health for decades, but one that is just now becoming more widespread and known amongst the masses. Users may be scared off by the hoses, masks, tubes, and filters, but know that CPAP therapy is safe and effective, and you will notice the differences immediately after use. Finding a mask has long been the most difficult part of CPAP therapy, because for you to want to wear your mask nightly, you must be comfortable. There are four different sets of masks available for sale at Respshop, including nasal, nasal pillow, full face, and oral masks, and each is uniquely designed to provide a different type of therapy for each user dependent upon their breathing needs and comfort preferences.

Finding CPAP equipment at affordable prices locally can be difficult, which is why we provide you with discounts on all of your CPAP machines, masks, and accessories, through our online store. At Respshop, we understand the struggles of dealing with sleep apnea, which is why we employ industry leading customer service to help you through your purchase, whether you’re a first time buyer, or a long time user who wants to know the latest designs! Get in touch with us Monday through Friday from 8 am pacific standard time to 5 pm pacific standard time at 866-936-3754.

ResMed CPAP Masks

ResMed has long been one of the leading manufacturers in the continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, industry. Whether its masks like the ResMed Quattro Air (see the video we just did below!) or the elite line of machines from the S9 Series, ResMed makes some of the premier products for the treatment of sleep apnea available on the market. I am going to focus on some of the newest CPAP masks available from ResMed, and some of the most popular CPAP masks that we sell here at RespShope to give you a better understanding of the available selection that we carry, as Respshop has long been the place to shop for ResMed CPAP Masks.

First and foremost, there are four different types of CPAP masks available, and the type you choose to wear is going to be based solely on comfort and need. At Respshop, we sell nasal masks, nasal pillow masks, full face masks, and oral masks. All four of the categories are different in the areas that they serve and the way that they do it. Nasal masks will cover your nose, and are the most popular category of masks we sell. Nasal pillow CPAP masks are lighter than nasal masks and instead have two prongs that go into the nasal passage. Full face masks are usually intended for sleep apnea sufferers who are also mouth breathers during sleep, and will cover both the nose and mouth. Oral masks are specifically designed for the mouth, and will not have any interaction for your nose.

ResMed has masks for three of the categories above, with nasal masks like the ResMed Mirage, full face masks like the aforementioned Quattro Air, and nasal pillow masks like the newest ResMed AirFit P10, the lightest and quietest mask available today. The AirFit P10, the nasal pillow version, was the earliest launch of the AirFit line of CPAP masks from ResMed, and was available for a few months prior to the newest releases, the AirFit N10 (a nasal mask) and AirFit F10 (a full face mask, do you get the P N and F theme yet?) All three of these masks are unique in that unlike previous or even current masks available on the market, they are extremely lightweight and do not rest on your face, which users of CPAP and VPAP (variable positive airway pressure) machines in the past have complained about. When wearing masks, users have found that with the headgear resting on their skin, they have experienced irritation and even pain.

These new designs are designed to cut down on the pain and irritation that can be caused by other CPAP masks in the category, as ResMed, like any CPAP user knows, that when your mask is irritating, you’re less likely to wear it, and not getting treatment for your sleep apnea can lead to a long list of health problems. At Respshop, we sell the best devices for sleep apnea treatment, all at the lowest prices, and if you find a better price, we’ll match it. Watch the video below on the ResMed Quattro, one of the most popular full face masks available today, and then get in touch with our customer service department to really learn what we’re all about!