APEX XT Travel CPAP Machines

At Respshop, we carry C-PAP machines and devices from the best manufacturers in the industry, most notably ResMed, Respironics, Fisher and Paykel, and DeVilbiss. But being one of the leading suppliers for continuous positive airway pressure machines on the ecommerce market means that we have the ability to reach deals with several manufacturers of sleep apnea therapy equipment, which allows us to sell some of the most unique devices created at the lowest prices!

One of our most popular selling series machines comes from APEX, manufacturers of the extremely popular, portable, travel CPAP machines, the XT series! At Respshop, we carry four different APEX XT Travel CPAP Machines, from the basic XT Fit which costs only 189 dollars, to the top of the line XT Auto machine, which is equipped with all of the functions you expect from more expensive CPAP machines, including Pressure Relief, which users who have been undergoing therapy for some time have come to expect with all of their machines, whether it’s the ResMed S9 AutoSet, the most popular and bestselling machine on the market, to the newest travel machines, users want to know that their comfort is being taken into account no matter the size of the machine!

APEX has long been a creator of CPAP machines, and the XT series is the latest and most unique design that they have come out with! Fitting in the palm of your hand, the XT line is perfect for users who are on the go and want to purchase a top quality machine at a lower price, one that they can easily carry around. Traveling with a CPAP has never been easier, and knowing that you have the perfect companion machine to pair with a bulkier machine, or for users who are just looking for a smaller set up while undergoing treatment for their sleep disorder, APEX has you covered. These machines are all available with and without heated humidifiers, and all four in the series are unique and tailored to fit a multitude of users with different needs for their sleep apnea.

We have attached a video that will give you a little more information, and if you’re interested in learning more about the APEX XT series of machines, call our customer service department at 866-936-3754. We guarantee that Respshop has the best prices on this unique travel machines, as well as all of the machines, CPAP Masks (like the most popular Respironics ComfortGel Blue), and accessories on the internet, and if you find a better price, we’ll match it!

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