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At Respshop, we’re realistic. We have years of experience in the CPAP supply industry, and employees who are long time users who really know the struggles of wearing a CPAP mask on a nightly basis. At the same time, we also recognize that selling CPAP equipment means we are changing thousands of lives for the better, and improving overall health for all of our customers. It’s a delicate balance between wearing something that can better or even save your life, and trying to adjust to putting on that mask and using that CPAP machine every night. That’s why we carry the world’s most comfortable CPAP masks from leading manufacturers like ResMed and Respironics, and why we sell an assortment of unique accessories that not only help improve your sleep apnea therapy, but they also improve your overall comfort.

We have a section specifically focused on our customers CPAP comfort needs, and this blog and video is going to detail the products that we sell so that when you are making your CPAP purchases, whether or not you’re a first time buyer or a long time user who are looking to improve the feel of your mask, you can know that not only will your overall health be affected, but you’ll no longer worry about having to strap on that mask every night! Before I go into detail about some of our most popular options, take a look at our CPAP Comfort Supplies

RemZzz’s CPAP Mask Liners

Available for every type and size of CPAP mask we sell at Respshop, these liners do not interfere with your mask’s seal and rest comfortably on the side of your face so that the pressure points of your mask are resting on the liner rather than your cheek. These liners are designed to be discarded after use and come with a 30 day supply. Our sizing chart will tell you where to find your CPAP mask and size so that you can order the correct set of liners. CPAP Mask liners are a welcome addition for all CPAP users who have problems with pressure on the sides of their face after use!

ResMed Gecko Nasal Pad

A personal favorite of an employee at Respshop, this nasal pad rests on the bridge of your nose, reducing the pressure on your nose. ResMed is one of the leading manufacturers for machines and masks, and this comfort feature was designed to work with any type of CPAP mask, and like the RemZzz liners, the nasal pad will reduce or eliminate pressure points in a different spot on your face!

CPAP Moisture Therapy

Like any lotion, this moisture therapy will help reduce red marks and any other blotches that may arise from wearing a CPAP mask, and has aloe vera to help sooth your skin after undergoing sleep apnea treatment. Spread a little on any areas that require it and start noticing the difference immediately!

CPAP Sinus Blaster

A new product at Respshop, this item is already becoming one of the favorite comfort solutions we sell! For years CPAP users with sinuses have struggled to find a solution to their issues, this unique design has two oils that go through your CPAP filter automatically, which will clear your sinuses and allow for you to use your CPAP machine without having to worry about a stuffy nose. An excellent comfort addition that is very easy to assemble and use!

CPAP Hose Lift

Frequent mover in your sleep? You shouldn’t have to worry about your CPAP tubing getting tangled, and this simple hose lift which can sit directly on your nightstand will ensure that your CPAP hose is out of the way of your mask and face, so that even the most frequent sleep shufflers don’t get tangled up in their tube!

CPAP Therapy Pillow

A pillow designed specifically for CPAP users, this ultra-comfortable pillow molds to the user and allows for you to sleep peacefully throughout the night while using your continuous positive airway machine!

SleepSense Easy Talk Connector

Resting between your CPAP mask and tube, this connector allows for you to stop the airflow from your machine so that you can talk or yawn while wearing your mask.

All of these items are manufactured by companies who have been in the sleep apnea therapy industry for years, and all of them are on sale at the lowest guaranteed prices right now at Respshop! We don’t want to be the place where you just buy your machine or mask and go, we want to be the one stop shop for all of your therapy needs as we, like you, continue to ensure that we can treat sleep apnea effectively and comfortably!

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