CPAP Replacement Schedule for Machines, Masks and Supplies

Keeping up with your CPAP therapy doesn’t only apply to the period of sleep at night. It goes much further to ensure stable therapy, hygiene and overall risk prevention. Last March 25, 2013 on our blog, we focused on a cleaning regimen
which takes less than one hour per day. Now we focus on a CPAP Replacement Schedule for replacing parts of your CPAP system for sanitation and eliminate health concerns associated with sleep apnea therapy.

Risks You Should be Concerned About

Replacing CPAP components may have you worried about the upfront cost to keep up with such tasks. Like all preventative maintenance, this is to ensure that the worst case scenarios don’t occur. Continuing to keep up with this process will ensure that the health risks and bacteria that builds up over time, will not affect your health. Remember sleep apnea is still a disease and just like all other diseases, it is imperative that the proper procedures are in place. The responsibility of this knowledge is on providers such as DME’s, sleep centers, doctors, physicians and us @ The greater responsibility is on you to make sure you keep up on your equipment replacement to make sure you don’t run into the health risks.

How do I know when?

New to 2019 Respshop has outlined the time frame necessary for CPAP equipment replacement and the deeper reasons why. Below we look at the typical time frames that should be followed, which then guides you to our FAQ for a more in-depth look at when and why.

When do I need to replace my CPAP machine?

Moving with the speed of technology CPAP machines change so often, to ensure the best therapy look to get a new machine every three to five years…read more at our faq

How often do the disposable filters need changing?

Protecting against allergens and dust particles the disposable filters of each machine will turn grey.

CPAP tubing washes easily, does it need to be renewed?

Your tubing is a key link to therapy as it transfers the air to the mask. Tubing can accumulate …read more at our faq

I use a humidifier, is the water tub replaceable?

The water container for CPAP humidifiers build minerals and film which can affect therapy…read more at our faq

My CPAP mask has lasted since I started, I need a new one?

CPAP masks collect bacteria directly from the user and can lead to…read more at our faq

The cushion on my mask doesn’t look dirty, when should I get a new one?

Cushions make contact directly to your skin, which some find lead to irritation and…read more at our faq

CPAP headgear seems like it should last forever, it doesn’t

CPAP mask headgear are mostly comprised of neoprene, elastic and Velcro which can…read more at our faq

If I use a chin strap, does this mean I need to exchange it?

Another piece of the CPAP puzzle, chin straps contact your skin, accumulating oils…read more at our faq

My Dr. hasn’t followed up on my data report lately, when should I schedule an appointment?

Follow up on CPAP Data Reports is a necessity, as they tell a bigger story and can improve your…read more at our faq

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