Lightest and Quietest CPAP Nasal Pillow Masks of 2014

Natural Feeling CPAP Masks

Finding the most comfortable mask for each user, can be the most important part of the CPAP process, after diagnosis. The reason, in order to get the most out of your CPAP therapy, the more natural the experience, the more likely you are to follow through each night. With this understanding and knowledge, it has been taken upon the shoulders of major manufacturers to provide CPAP masks that break the barrier between obtrusive and organic. Not that wearing a CPAP mask feels ordinary but the reward from the experience is worth the adjustment to CPAP.

Keeping the Comfort and Silence

Replacing key parts and cleaning really does make the biggest difference for comfort, once the proper mask has been found. Not only does bacteria grow and threaten health issues, the mask seal and overall comfort will also reduce. I highly recommend following a daily regimen to keep these items clean, fresh and always have replacement parts readily available for times in need.

What are the Lightest and Quietest CPAP Nasal Pillow Masks

Lightest and Quietest CPAP Nasal Pillow Masks are apparent in the new releases of CPAP Nasal Pillow masks in 2013 and 2014. Marked by revolutionary and state of the art engineering, these enhancements are obviously seen in the ResMed AirFit P10, the Respironics Nuance Pro and the Fisher Paykel Pilairo Q masks.

Lightest and Quietest CPAP Nasal Pillow Masks of 2014

Lightest and Quietest CPAP Nasal Pillow Masks of 2014

Fisher Paykel Pilairo Q

Easy to assemble with only 3 parts, the Fisher Paykel Pilairo Q is lightweight at just under 4 ounces. Featuring a new filtered noise approach, this venting system offers a whisper silent excess air vent. The nasal pillows have a unique AirPillow Seal that inflates to fit comfortably against the nostril. Two headgear options supply the mask alternate methods of application, covering the requirements and requests of the plethora of diverse patients and users.

Respironics Nuance Pro

First ever gel technology is inserted into the Nuance nasal pillows for increased seal and comfort. A muted and angled vent system pushes the vented air away from the user, for interruption free sleep at night. The Nuance Pro puts comfort in a new spot with gel positioned on the frame for a softer feel and flexibility. Tossing and turning leads to less tangles with a full 360 motion and swivel on what may be the most flexible short tube on the CPAP mask market. Single point adjustment Headgear is soft and pliable for a new flexible feel.

ResMed AirFit P10

Officially the lightest CPAP mask ever made, the record breaking ResMed AirFit P10 weighs only 1.7 ounces! A quiet air vent puts your bed partner to rest, with nearly no audible noise apparent. The advanced clip system cushion really makes buying and swapping easy with a color coded clip in nasal pillow all-in-one cushion. Velcro-free straps shows how innovative this new system really is. By widening or shortening the width of the back headgear band, the mask tightens or loosens.

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