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Living with sleep apnea can be a struggle, especially for first time CPAP machine users. What is a continuous positive airway pressure machine? Where can I buy a machine? What is the best CPAP machine on the market? These are just some of the frequent questions we get about apnea machines and apnea masks on a daily basis. As apnea CPAP machines continue to evolve, these questions can be even more difficult for those suffering from chronic sleep apnea. Do I need a standard CPAP machine that is fixed pressure? An APAP machine that will automatically change pressures for me in order to provide the best apnea relieve? In general, doctors and healthcare providers will monitor your sleep apnea and ensure that you are set up with the best possible machine, and sometimes traditional CPAP machines are not enough, which brings us to bi-level/variable positive airway pressure machines, also known as a BiPAP machine.

At Respshop, we have top of the line BiPAP machines and BiPAP supplies for sale. You can buy these devices at the guaranteed best price around. So what is a BiPAP breathing machine and what is the difference between that a traditional CPAP machine? Usually a BiPAP machine is prescribed to help treat central sleep apnea, but can be used when there are extreme circumstances of obstructive sleep. A BiPAP machine will deliver two different levels of air pressure during the inhale and exhale so that the machine helps you breathe normally. Bi-level/variable positive airway pressure breathing machines will help you breathe during apnea therapy, and the design is intended to help simulate a breathing pattern that is normal as pressure is higher during inhale and lower during exhale.

Like a traditional CPAP machine, you can purchase any type of apnea mask for a BiPAP machine. While you can find locally Apria CPAP masks for sale, we guarantee the lowest prices and have BiPAP and CPAP BiPAP S/T Machinesmachines, CPAP Masks, and accessories from the leading manufacturers such as ResMed and Respironics for sale at

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