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BiPAP Machine

Living with sleep apnea can be a struggle, especially for first time CPAP machine users. What is a continuous positive airway pressure machine? Where can I buy a machine? What is the best CPAP machine on the market? These are just some of the frequent questions we get about apnea machines and apnea masks on a daily basis. As apnea CPAP machines continue to evolve, these questions can be even more difficult for those suffering from chronic sleep apnea. Do I need a standard CPAP machine that is fixed pressure? An APAP machine that will automatically change pressures for me in order to provide the best apnea relieve? In general, doctors and healthcare providers will monitor your sleep apnea and ensure that you are set up with the best possible machine, and sometimes traditional CPAP machines are not enough, which brings us to bi-level/variable positive airway pressure machines, also known as a BiPAP machine.

At Respshop, we have top of the line BiPAP machines and BiPAP supplies for sale. You can buy these devices at the guaranteed best price around. So what is a BiPAP breathing machine and what is the difference between that a traditional CPAP machine? Usually a BiPAP machine is prescribed to help treat central sleep apnea, but can be used when there are extreme circumstances of obstructive sleep. A BiPAP machine will deliver two different levels of air pressure during the inhale and exhale so that the machine helps you breathe normally. Bi-level/variable positive airway pressure breathing machines will help you breathe during apnea therapy, and the design is intended to help simulate a breathing pattern that is normal as pressure is higher during inhale and lower during exhale.

Like a traditional CPAP machine, you can purchase any type of apnea mask for a BiPAP machine. While you can find locally Apria CPAP masks for sale, we guarantee the lowest prices and have BiPAP and CPAP BiPAP S/T Machinesmachines, CPAP Masks, and accessories from the leading manufacturers such as ResMed and Respironics for sale at

Kids can have Sleep Apnea

Disgruntled Child From Lack of Sleep

Ever heard the familiar sound of snoring coming from the bedroom of your little tyke? Perhaps you double-checked your hearing, or assumed that this could just be a phase. Snoring in children can be harmless, but what you may not know is that kids do have sleep apnea. Even if your child isn’t keeping everyone up with their snoring habit, there are other symptoms to look for. Tossing and turning, bed-wetting, night sweats,and excessive mouth breathing are just a few of the troubling signs to look for. Just as you would seek treatment for your little one if they have allergies, or a severe flu, sleep apnea is a disorder that must be addressed. Awareness gives you the knowledge you need to help your child put their best foot forward!

What to Watch

Perhaps you have already determined that your child has a snoring problem. This may be a harmless issue, but if you feel it is consistently a problem, and your child appears overly-fatigued, it might be a good idea to take a further look. According to The American Sleep Apnea Association, between one and four percent of children suffer from sleep apnea. This is an alarming number, considering how many individuals are not even aware that children can have sleep apnea. There are serious risks associated with failing to treat this disorder, and as guardians of our children we must take it upon ourselves to do our due-diligence. If you suspect a sleeping disorder is present, act today!

I mentioned bed wetting, snoring, mouth breathing and excessive movement in the night. Unfortunately, the affects of pediatric sleep apnea are much more far-reaching. Children with sleep apnea can suffer from behavioral issues due to their fragmented sleep patterns. Some experts theorize that pediatric sleep apnea may even be related to Attention Deficit Disorder, and decreased mental functions. Your child can become impaired when it comes to organization and memory. Sleep is a vital part of human function. Such severe sleep disruption can have devastating consequences.


While some parents opt for surgery to remove their child’s tonsils, others feel that this procedure is too risky, invasive and just plain not necessary. There is no guarantee that it will solve the problem. Deciding to allow your child to undergo a surgical procedure is difficult, but luckily you have other options. Should your child be diagnosed with sleep apnea, you can utilize some of the same tools that you use for yourself. Sleep technology innovations are only improving with time, and the experts behind some of the most trusted brands out there are expanding to include children’s masks.The Mirage Kidsta Nasal Mask with headgear is a children’s mask that is specially designed to suite the facial features of a young child. With easy adjustments, comfortable headgear, and click on parts, this mask is truly one that is made for kids.

Taking that First Step

If you have noticed your child falling behind in school, snoring constantly, or waking in the night drenched in sweat, it may be time to schedule a consultation. Start with your family practice doctor. They can recommend what is best for you and your child. Though it may be uncommon, Sleep Apnea in children is very real. Today can be the day that you rescue your child from restless nights, and tireless days.

Cost of CPAP Machines

Better Rested

It’s a fact. You know treating your sleep apnea will change your life. Maybe you have decided that today is the last day you will fall asleep at your desk. Perhaps locking your keys in the car for the tenth time was the last straw. Either way, you need that CPAP machine, and you know it. Don’t let the cost of CPAP machines intimidate you. It’s not what you think…

So how much money are we talking about?

Dollar signs may be running through your head as you contemplate making that life changing decision. Don’t lose hope yet. CPAP machine prices aren’t as terrifying as you think. When you shop at Respshop you will find many products on sale. Yes, CPAP machine cost may impact your budget more than your morning java. But you won’t need that over-priced beverage anymore. With CPAP devices, you will see an increase in energy and your life will be forever changed for the better.

Thinking about trying one of our auto CPAP machines? Today, you can purchase the Respironics PR System One REMstar for just $543.16. What’s your excuse when you can gain renewed health for under $600? Don’t let those morning headaches and daytime sleepiness get you down. Today’s technology is amazing and we are here to make sure you can take advantage of it. You can find a CPAP discount every day when you shop at Respshop.

More Affordable Options

  • Respironics REMstar Auto A-Flex
  • Comfort Gel CPAP mask
  • Comfort Classic CPAP mask

Don’t let your sleep disorder run your life. Take the bull by the horns and buy yourself a CPAP today. Skip wasting money on frivolous items, and invest in your health. It may not seem glamorous when you first open up that box. However, when you run into your former coffee barista at the store and they won’t stop gushing about how great you look, you won’t be missing the money you spent on your new friend: the CPAP. Gain health, improved appearance and a new lease on life when you combat your sleep apnea with CPAP therapy.

Quiet CPAP’s and Masks do Exist!


Fed up with the Noise?

Fantasizing about throwing your sleep apnea gear out the window when it gets too loud? I can bet you are all too familiar with the obnoxious noises that emanate from your machine. Perhaps your bed partner has departed your room for good? Now all that’s left is you and that dang CPAP machine that won’t shut up.

Hey, don’t worry about drying your tears just yet. The innovative masks at Respshop are actually quiet, comfortable and they won’t cost you a pretty penny. With technological advancements, the CPAP machines and masks of today don’t make adhering to your sleep apnea therapy a nightmare. CPAP supplies are meant to remedy your sleep issues-not bring on chaotic nights of out-of-this-world noises. No, your CPAP doesn’t have to be loud, and if it is-today is the day to say goodbye!

How about some choices?

Lucky for you, we have more than one CPAP mask or machine capable of giving you and your bed partner that silent night you have been dreaming of. Recently, ResMed launched their quietest mask yet with the AirFit. This revolutionary mask can be held in the palm of your hand. I took a tour of the online forums to find that this mask really is all it’s cracked up to be-quiet, lightweight and easy to use. It even comes in a “for her” version to accommodate a woman’s facial features.

The Mirage Activa LT Nasal Mask is also an excellent choice. Quiet, yet affordable, you won’t go wrong with the Mirage. Forget the bulky masks of the past, this one has been designed to prevent excessive facial pressure, and create minimal noise throughout the night.

If you happen to be in the market for a quiet machine, try the APEX XT Prime Travel CPAP. This transportable machine is perfect for nights away from home. Avoid calls from the front desk complaining about that crazy noise coming from your room. No, this CPAP machine won’t wake the neighbors, and you can still get your rest while on-the-go.

Act now!

Whether you are looking for a mask or a machine, you can count on the engineers behind the trusted brands available at Respshop. Quiet masks are not akin to the elusive leprechauns we hear of as children. They are real, and you can purchase one today when you shop online at Respshop. Give a quiet CPAP a test run today, and your bed partner will be eternally grateful.

Fisher & Paykel CPAP Masks

How to Find Quality CPAP supplies Online

need cpap machine

Are you satisfied with your current CPAP mask? Perhaps your bond is strong, and the thought of leaving your current mask behind makes you shudder? We get that. Trying something new can be scary. But, why not at least play around with the idea of swapping masks. Innovations in technology are being born every day. At Respshop we are proud to offer affordable CPAP medical supplies by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and Respironics Healthcare. Though you may not want to jump into making a purchase, today can be the day to learn more about what discount CPAP masks are out there.

Affordability & Quality

It’s probably safe to assume you are looking for discount CPAP supplies. No one wants to pay full price, but sacrificing quality is probably not an option either. With decades in the business, Fisher & Paykel is an international company that is consistently coming up with ground breaking technology. And, you can buy them on sale at Respshop! If you are looking for Fisher & Paykel CPAP Masks, turn to the innovative sleep disorder solutions that credible brands like Fisher & Paykel have to offer.

Mask Options

When you shop for your CPAP medical devices and machines you look to purchase something that will last, and provide you comfort. The Fisher Paykel FlexiFit Mask with headgear is currently on sale at ResShoppe. This particular mask has been engineered to provide the perfect fit. Another great option is the Respironics EasyLife mask with headgear.CPAP machines are changing lives every day, giving sleep deprived patients the chance to feel alive again! If you don’t want to drag yourself to the doctor, you can even find your CPAP supplies online.

Take the Leap

Many of you have already been diagnosed with sleep apnea, but for those of you who are still in limbo, you can try the “at home sleep apnea test” that we offer at Respshop. If CPAP masks are in your future or present life, take the time to check out these trusted brands. Your sleep is worth the effort!