My CPAP Machine is Discontinued? What Now?

What do you do when your favorite CPAP Machine is Discontinued?

It’s not easy trusting a new brand when your favorite brand is no longer available. Successful companies are great at creating their image, marketing their products, and creating loyal followers who will go out of their way to purchase their products. An Apple iPhone launch? It’s one of the biggest product launches around because Apple knows their consumers, knows their products, and knows how to match their product with their target market. Sometimes launches are successful, other times they are huge failures that can cripple a company for the long term. We as consumers do lots of research when purchasing a product or trying out a new service, companies have to equally put in the time, research, and dollars when they want to make or sell a product that has a chance at being a success.

While a CPAP machine isn’t an iPhone, the brand you purchase is probably more important to you then a material good because you rely on your CPAP for comfort and reliability. What are you to do when a manufacturer stops producing a brand name that you are comfortable with? Maybe it’s a model recommended to you by a friend or doctor, maybe it’s a model you’ve had great success with in the past and are looking to keep that relationship going. CPAP machines come in all shapes and sizes, and like most products can be made by an assortment of different manufacturers. As with any product, sometimes relationships end or businesses falter leading to a possible discontinuance of a product that was very popular. Whose fault it is might never be known, but sometimes the people who really suffer are the consumers who have been loyal users.

Probasics-zzz-PAP-auto-7541One of the most successful products available at Respshop was the Zzz-Pap Auto CPAP. Light weight with a universal power supply, it was one of the better selling items for frequent travelers dealing with sleep apnea. With a heated humidifier and ergonomic design, the Zzz-Pap Auto CPAP was a favorite amongst our customers. Reviews on were all positive, with customers pointing out how quiet and small the machine was, the effectiveness it had on their sleep apnea, and of course the price tag, a common concern for all buyers, no matter what the product.

While we hate not being able to ship out a product that was so successful, due to circumstances beyond our control, the Zzz-Pap Auto CPAP is no longer available for purchase. As a customer, what are you supposed to do? You know the name, you know the product, you know the reviews, and you want to make the purchase! We share your concerns, as we are always looking to provide the best care possible to our customers, which includes stocking and shipping the best possible products.

Thankfully at Respshop we have been able to replace the Zzz-Pap Auto CPAP with a similar product that can continue to provide the same levels of comfort, with added bonus features, you were accustomed to with the Zzz-Pap Auto CPAP.

apex-ich-auto-travel-cpap-machineDesigned by APEX Medical, the iCH Auto Travel CPAP is one of the newest products in the Respshop ever growing library. Like the Zzz-Pap before it, it is also extremely lightweight and perfect for those on the go. The APEX Medical iCH Auto Travel CPAP has also added some updated bonus features that will help relieve any stress you might have while trying to purchase a new CPAP machine to help with your sleep apnea, including a pressure relief function that will help imitate a normal breathing pattern and a heated humidifier that will relieve potential congestion and any other uncomfortable feelings you might get from your CPAP machine.

This blog post isn’t intended to hype or sell a product, all of that information can be found on our website. This post is written to help customers understand that products sometimes become unavailable. It’s never fun, but before you purchased the Zzz-Pap originally you probably did your research and came to the conclusion that it was the best product for you. Like you, we did our research when we realized the Zzz-Pap would no longer be available for purchase and were able to build a relationship with APEX, a relationship that allowed us to feel comfortable selling a new product to you, that we stand behind. CPAP machines aren’t just about comfort, they’re also about long term health and fighting the negative effects from sleep apnea. As a distributer of CPAP devices rather than iPhones or similar products, we aren’t just carrying devices that make your life easier or more fun, we are carrying devices that can truly impact your long term health, so it is important that we stand behind what we sell at all times.

While it’s difficult to change what you’re accustomed to, it was probably difficult to become accustomed in the first place. You did your research and found the perfect CPAP machine for your personality. We did ours and found what we believe is an excellent replacement that will provide all of the original benefits plus updated bonus features that will hopefully continue to provide excellent relief and comfort for those dealing with sleep apnea.

We are always available 8 A.M. through 5 P.M. Pacific Standard Time through the phone at (866) 936-3754 or through our online chat at to help you with any questions or concerns you might have about any CPAP machine, CPAP mask, or any other devices and accessories that we sell. We want to make the purchase easier for you and are always glad to assist with any questions and concerns. I recommend that you look around and do your research on the new APEX Medical iCH Auto Travel CPAP to truly understand how it can relate to a product you’re already used to, and I hope that you’ll be as satisfied with what you find as we were with what we found as we continue to provide the best CPAP machines, at the best prices, to help with your sleep apnea.

If you do end up purchasing the new APEX Medical iCH Auto Travel CPAP we would love to hear your opinions and feedback so that we can continue to provide you with the best possible products.

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