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Have Sleep Apnea? CPAP Can Improve Your Appearance!

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How Using a CPAP Device Improves Your Appearance

Have Sleep Apnea? CPAP Can Improve Your Appearance! Sleep Apnea and the risks associated with the rapidly increasing disease have patients, DME’s and Clinicians constantly looking for positive outcomes from CPAP therapy and the commonly suggested lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise. Keeping to scheduled therapy allows medical personnel to have a clear picture of either the effectiveness of treatment or its ineffectiveness.

For most, seeing results is the biggest motivator towards achieving a set goal. Well now CPAP therapy has a new look at motivation and it’s in the mirror. Following a two month study performed by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, those who were compliant to therapy showed an overall more youthful vibe in their looks, alertness and actions. The research was developed through analyzing twenty patients who had reported to be over tired during the day or were already diagnosed with sleep apnea.

A direct comparison of 3D HD imaging from the users previous to the study and following the two month analysis was performed to show facial size and mass, as well as a hue and color test. Independent viewers assessed the photos and results showed that nearly seventy percent of them viewed the post CPAP therapy users appear more attentive, attractive and younger.

Ronald D. Chervin, M.D., M.S. gave positive reinforcement to these results, “This may help convince patients to use their CPAP machines on a nightly basis.”

Nearly twenty million Americans are suggested to have sleep apnea, with almost sixty-five percent of those still undiagnosed. Sleep Apnea is a critical disease to pursue therapy for and seriously heightens risk for type II diabetes, mental disorders, heart attacks, strokes and the list continues to grow daily. This recent study helps to why CPAP machines are regarded as the best method to CPAP therapy and should be discussed with your M.D. for sleep apnea. Now there are more reasons to adhere to CPAP therapy, you can be more alert, attractive and youthful 🙂

Popular Effective Diets for Sleep Apnea CPAP Therapy

Popular Effective Diets for Sleep Apnea CPAP Therapy Information

Current information has circulated recently regarding popular effective Diets for Sleep Apnea CPAP Therapy. These diets can help increase sleep apnea therapy results. The current estimation of undiagnosed sleep apnea disorders is from 60% to 80%(reference), while the obesity rate is a staggering 35.7%(reference). While being overweight or obese doesn’t automatically qualify everyone for sleep apnea, the opposite should also be stated, as being thin or in-shape doesn’t disqualify everyone from the disease. The initial request from doctors, clinicians and other sleep specialists for sleep apnea therapy is exercise, diet and of course a CPAP machine. Practicing these habits immediately helps to improve the effects of sleep apnea.


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Mediterranean Diet – Popular Effective Diets for Sleep Apnea CPAP Therapy

The Mediterranean Diet emphasizes the Food Guide Pyramid as the basis for the diet along with a variations of herbs and spices for flavor. The diet promotes eating mainly plant-based foods like; fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts as the base of every meal. Continuing to cut the fat butter is replaced with healthier alternatives, like olive oil which still adds a great flavor to most dishes. The flavor of the diet takes a turn away from salt and focuses on an abundance of regional specific spices and herbs. Moderation of red meat is the key to the Mediterranean Diets and states that these meats aren’t consumed more that a few times each month. The optional and interesting inclusion to the diet is the occasional glass of red wine. The diet is a derivative of the daily diet of citizens in the Mediterranean region. Eating at least six servings of fruits and vegetables provides a cleaner and antioxidant-rich way of living.


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South Beach Diet – Popular Effective Diets for Sleep Apnea CPAP Therapy

The South Beach Diet is very popular and very straight forward approach to dieting. The goal is to replace bad carbohydrates with good carbohydrates and bad fats with good fats. While the diet reduces the carbohydrate intake it doesn’t eliminate carbohydrates altogether, carbohydrates that are low on the glycemic index are considered to be good for the diet. Forgoing the fatty parts of meats, the diet focuses on assorted nuts, oily fish and leaner meat. Divided into three separate “Phases” the diet opens up to a wider variety of foods once it has served its Phase 1 purpose of eliminating the hunger cycle. This diet only permits alcohol during specific regional alcohol related holidays, such as Saint Patricks Day, Oktoberfest, etc.


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Paleo Diet – Popular Effective Diets for Sleep Apnea CPAP Therapy

The groundbreaking results of the Paleo Diet has been documented and shared throughout the internet. The diet focuses on the “gatherer” method and allows only foods that would have been native to our original ancestors and work naturally and nutritionally with our genetics. Disciplining the participant, the diet aims to get rid of the modern foods that are filled with refined sugars, trans fats, etc. Each meal should consist of a high source of protein as the protein keeps the cells full in between meals. The diets popularity stems from the simplicity of the foods and the nearly immediate results.

Popular Effective Diets for Sleep Apnea CPAP Therapy Conclusion

The three above diets are great for decreasing weight and BMI which are directly related to sleep apnea. With these diets, exercise is also very important as it can take the weight off at a much quicker pace. Adding a CPAP machine to part of the equation and you are set up for success for Popular Effective Diets for Sleep Apnea CPAP Therapy. As always consult your physician for all health related issues. Thank you for reading.