How to Increase CPAP Patient Compliance

How to Increase CPAP Patient Compliance

Learning how to increase CPAP patient compliance is very important for one’s health but there are also risks of losing coverage of your treatment. Today’s insurance companies are keeping close track of CPAP patients and their compliance. It is imperative that you focus on How to Increase CPAP Patient Compliance. Defining CPAP compliance as an average of 4 hours of use, for at least 20 days out of the month, CPAP patients generally have a usage pattern within the first week. According to a publication at the National Institute of Health by Weaver TE & Grunstein RR, only 17 to 54% of patients are actually compliant when held to the 4 hour minimum. Often stemming from poor education on the negative effects of OSA and how that can improve CPAP therapy, patients who don’t understand the importance of compliance, don’t adhere. Once the benefits of CPAP and the importance of use is understood, compliance greatly increases.

Why do Some Patients Refuse Therapy?

Often the cause of non-compliance doesn’t stem from an unwilling patient but more so from side effects developed from CPAP use. There are allergies and side effects of CPAP therapy that may dissuade continued use. Irritations can occur from but aren’t limited to; dry nasal passage, congestion, sneezing, sinus infection, conjunctivitis, claustrophobic occurrences, sore areas from mask contact, etc. Work to find the proper mask for the patient, as it very well may be the most important component to CPAP therapy as it is the only part that is in direct contact with the body.

Important Steps on How to Improve CPAP Patient Compliance


Top 10 Practices to Increase CPAP Compliance

  1. Sleep Apnea and CPAP Education
  2. Routine CPAP Therapy
  3. Provider to Patient Follow Up
  4. Compliance Monitoring and Data Reports
  5. Technical Support, Troubleshooting & Warranty
  6. Proper Mask Fit – How to choose a new CPAP mask
  7. Allergy and Nasal Relief
  8. Correct Humidification Level
  9. The Correct CPAP Machine
  10. Group and Family Support

How to Increase CPAP Patient Compliance for Good

Commit yourself to a dedicated schedule that is practical and easy to follow. Do not overwhelm yourself with unrealistic rules to follow, as just the minimum therapy is very important. Start with achievable goals and reward yourself for sticking to the commitment. Also with the increase of positive diagnosis, the Sleep Apnea and CPAP community is responsible to promote assistance and reach out as a positive reinforcement to adherence. Our staff is here to provide assistance in any way, even if not our original customer, we will help to resolve any questions or issues you may have.

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How to Increase CPAP Patient Compliance

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