CPAP Machines Are Helping Veterans Overcome PTSD

PTSD Veteran

CPAP machines have made a large difference in the millions of American’s lives who suffer from the Sleep Apnea disorder but new studies have found that CPAP machines are also making a difference in the lives of veterans who have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) as well as PTSD.

Sadeka Tamanna, MD, MPH, is the medical director of the Sleep Disorders Laboratory at G.V. (Sonny) VA Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi and she reports that, “One out of six veterans suffers from PTSD, which affects their personal, social and productive life. Nightmares are one of the major symptoms that affect their daily life, and prevalence of OSA is also high among PTSD patients and can trigger their nightmares.”

Tamanna conducted the study which determined that CPAP machines are helping veterans overcome PTSD and the results showed that the “mean number of nightmares per week fell significantly with CPAP use, and reduced nightmare frequency after starting CPAP was best predicted by CPAP compliance.”

This is quite an interesting study and if you care to read more, be sure to read the article on

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