How to choose a new CPAP mask

How to choose a new CPAP mask

Deciding which CPAP mask to purchase can be a difficult decision. With so many different options to choose from one can get confused and often intimidated. Selecting the perfect mask can be less strenuous with general knowledge about each mask. Here is how to choose a new CPAP mask.

Full face masks
completely cover the nose and mouth of the patient. The mask consists of a frame and gel or plastic cushion to provide comfort and a secure fit. This mask is perfect for patients who breathe with their mouths and nose. A full face mask is also more efficient for patients who suffer from allergies or any illnesses that cause nasal blockage.

Users often are bothered by the masks bulkiness and lack of maneuverability. That is why Full face masks are not recommended to patients who toss and turn while sleeping or for patients who may be claustrophobic. Often these patients are recommended to use nasal masks, which is a lighter leaner mask.

The most common mask used is the nasal mask. This mask consists of a frame with a gel or plastic cushion connected to it. The gel or plastic cushion is simply there for comfort and support. This gel or plastic cushion covers the nose starting from the bridge of the nose to the lower nostrils. For additional stability, some masks have added forehead braces and gel pads. The frame and cushion is attached to headgear allowing for a perfect fit.

Patients who choose nasal masks
are usually considered “closed mouth” sleepers and are able to inhale and exhale well through their nostrils. Nasal masks are not the recommended choice for patients who have blocked nasal passages. Forcing air though blocked nasal passages will not provide the patient with an optimal amount of air for CPAP treatment. Nasal masks are more maneuverable than the full face mask. This mask type is often recommended to active sleepers. If the nasal mask is not providing the patient with an optimal nights rest, then Nasal Pillow masks are the next option.

Nasal Pillows masks
are the perfect match for patients who sleep with their mouths closed. The pillow cushion has two air passage ways that fit easily in the nostrils. The mask is then secured by a headgear that wraps around the patients head. Pillow users can also have the option to divert the tubing that usually falls in front of the face and instead wrap the tubing over the head and behind the neck. This allows the patient have less obstructions blocking their view and allowing a mask that almost feels like you’re not even wearing it. This mask is the most maneuverable and comfortable mask.

With this knowledge you as the patient will have an easier time selecting the perfect mask.

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