Heated Tubing for CPAP Machines

Heated Tubing for CPAP Machines

For people who have sleep apnea, a CPAP machine can amazingly improve their sleep and life quality. As a CPAP user, have you ever experienced waking up at night due to water on your face coming from your mask? If the answer is yes, heated tubing for CPAP Machines will help alleviate that problem.

The condensation inside a mask and tubing is also known as “rain-out”. When the room temperature drops, the air in the room gets colder than the air that flows inside the tubing to the mask. When the happens small beads of water begin to appear. As these collect, they may make their way to the mask and even to the face.

With the aid of a heated metal coil, which keeps the air warm through the inside of heated tubing for CPAP machines, it can help deliver a comfortable temperature and humidity level. Controlling the temperature and humidity level is to ensure that rain-out is avoided and gives you maximum comfort. Use of the heated tubing also allows users to keep their room temperature cooler which can save on energy costs.

Currently most of the major CPAP equipment and supply manufactures all offer heated tubing for CPAP machines. The heated tubing can be easily connected to most masks as it is a universal size.

Here are the heated tubing products from major CPAP equipment manufactures you can choose from:

Get your heated tubing today and have a good nights sleep!

ResMed ClimateLine™ Tubing - Heated Tubing for CPAP Machines ResMed ClimateLine MAX™ Tubing  Respironics PR System One 60 Series Heated Tubing  Fisher & Paykel ThermoSmart™ Heated Breathing Tube - Heated Tubing for CPAP Machines
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