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Is a Memory Foam Mattress Worth the Investment?

memory foam

Memory foam is known for being soft and comfortable, with the ability to regain its shape as soon as pressure is taken off of it. A mattress made of this innovative material would seem ideal, but is it really worth the twenty-five hundred dollar median price for a queen size mattress? This can really get quite costly, especially if you have to purchase these mattresses for several beds in your home. Moreover, consider the mattress itself. Is it really as great as they say it is? Is it really worth one to several thousand dollars?

Many people have reported that memory foam mattresses can get very hot, causing sleep to be interrupted with lots of tossing and turning. This is because in the past memory foam was not breathable. Air could not circulate around the body, thus the body would become overheated. There seems to have been some improvements made in that department over the last several years. Some brands claim that their products now provide ventilation while you sleep, therefore providing customers with a better sleep.

Everyone has different sleeping needs, so there is no clear cut answer as to whether these mattresses are particularly better then innerspring mattresses. However, for the people that swear by them, the memory foam mattress may be the best invention ever. For those on a budget, who would love the comfort of a memory foam mattress, but without the high price tag, there are alternatives.

There are some mattresses that have a couple of inches of memory foam on the top layer only. The idea is that you can get the comfort of memory foam because everywhere your body touches, there is memory foam. These mattresses can range in prices of low to mid one hundreds, which is a lot less than traditional memory foam mattresses. Some of these less expensive alternatives claim to also provide ventilation for your body. Another much less expensive alternative is a memory foam topper. This topper can be placed on top of any regular mattress to give it the cushy comfort of memory foam.

Some other alternatives are mattresses that contain shredded memory foam along with other added products. These are said to be an inferior alternative by some people. Besides the heat, another common complaint about memory foam mattresses is that they can become hard when the room is cooler. Memory foam seems to react to the temperature of the room, becoming harder in cooler weather and softer in warmer weather. The temperature of your body will eventually soften the material, but some people consider this a real problem.

It seems that memory foam mattresses have become so popular in recent years that even some of the larger mattress manufacturers now have their own brand. Superstores have even created their own product to go along with the trend. Along with this insurgence, prices have become more competitive. Some say, however, that not all memory foam mattresses are created equal. Still others say that some of the cheaper alternatives are just as good as the much more costly brands. So are memory foam mattresses worth the investment? Only you can make that judgment call. Go to furniture stores and sample different brands. Remember that more expensive or cheaper is not always better, it largely depends on the needs of the purchaser.

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10 Fictional Characters You Didn’t Know Wear CPAP Machines

CPAP machines are primarily used to treat sleep apnea, but it is also used for patients who are suffering a critical respiratory failure of some kind. It’s a serious issue that we see mirrored in the fictional world quite often. Of course, we don’t necessarily see the actual treatment since, admittedly, treating sleep disorders and respiratory problems does not exactly make a summer blockbuster or New York Times best seller. We can, however, determine their usage by the symptoms and behavior we do see.

bane Bane – Even the man who can bring down the Dark Knight still requires some help with his breathing. His mask has a few extra features besides the respirator, which provides him with a suitably ominous voice to highlight his clearly devious nature. The accent, though, is all his.

shredder Shredder – Being a ninja warlord isn’t as easy as it once was, and the stress of being stalked by giant, mutated turtles can lead to a wide range of health problems. You need a good, gravely, threatening voice to maintain your authority, but that can also come at a price. This may be why the Shredder wears such a bulky mask. Yes, it conceals identity, but it also keeps his airways open when he needs it.

KARENA Karena “LUPO” LesProux – A zombie apocalypse is a serious problem, and it gets even worse if the virus is airborne. Karena made her first appearance in Resident Evil: Raccoon City and she made it out alive because she takes breathing very seriously. She wasn’t going to let the virus get to her, even while she slept, and manages to keep her respirator.

baron Baron Vladimir Harkonnen – Dune… Arakis… This planet was once ruled by House Harkonnen, whose Baron had so many medical problems that he had to receive round-the-clock care by physicians and couldn’t even get from one room to the next without the aid of an anti-gravity device. In order to get a sound night’s sleep and stay alert enough to rule the planet and carry out his schemes, he certainly used a machine to help his breathing.

puyro Pyro – Finding work as a pyromaniac requires dedication to the craft – which can ultimate lead to a range of respiratory problems. Pyro, of Team Fortress 2 fame, spends his days breathing in the kinds of chemicals that were, well, meant for burning not for breathing. A respirator during the day and a CPAP machine at night will keep the good air flowing.

homer Homer Simpson – While this has never been explored on the show, Homer Simpson is clearly suffering from sleep apnea. The effects of which can manifest as daytime fatigue and sleepiness, impaired alertness, slower reaction time, and impaired vision. That’s just another Monday for Homer. He also visits the doctor enough for various and sundry injuries that it’s hard to imagine them not prescribing this treatment.

pandora Humans on Pandora – The world of Pandora is filled with high levels of CO2 that are toxic to humans, so anyone who wants to visit the surface has to wear a special suit or an avatar. It may seem like a little overkill to design an entire biological body to regulate your breathing, but you can’t overestimate a good night’s sleep.

helhast troopers Helghast Troopers – The world of Helghan in the Killzone games is a toxic world, but its inhabitants have adapted to those conditions. Unfortunately, this makes them the opposite of the Pandora case, and they must wear special respiratory gear when they leave home. The glowy eyes are not necessarily part of most modern machines

cobra commander Cobra Commander – No one knows who the man behind the hood/mirror mask really is, but in at least one incarnation the leader of the massive Cobra organization was suffering from a disfiguration that forced him to wear special breathing equipment. He hides it well, but the hissing voice is often a dead giveaway.

darth Darth Vader – hwoooo prhrhrhrhr – Okay, you try to spell out Darth Vader’s breathing. Poor Anakin Skywalker couldn’t catch a break, and he was soon relying on machinery to keep him alive. When a person has such labored breathing, they require some serious equipment to keep the air passages open all night long.