Respshop Reviews: How are we doing

If you placed order with us, or ever spoke to our customer service, do you have any comments? You like our service? Or we still need improvements? Let us know what you think.

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  1. Randy

    Does the resmed airstart 10 autu cpap not have # of times you quit breathing at night . What all does the memory card record. Thanks

    1. Respshop

      AirStart 10 has very limited functions. It only has the regular usage data (eg how many hours you used). If you are seeking therapy data, do not select AirStart and you need AirSense 10.

  2. WoundedEgo

    I bought the DS560 and am happy with it except that it doesn’t come with a heated hose and is not *ready* for a heated hose. So I wound up buying a conversion kit for $70 that should do the trick. I received good service when I called.

  3. Linda G and Jeff Atkerson

    Jefferson: I have been in customer service since I was 17 years old. I am 64 and I must say your staff does care about its customers. I wish to thank you for responding to my mistake and correcting as fast as your company did. I returned my product that I ordered wrong and got the right mask with in three days of sending back the wrong one. To me that is amazing. Other companies usally take up to 30 days to “restock” and wait for the return.

    Thank you very much and yes I will be ordering from your company in the future.

    Jeff and Linda Atkerson.

  4. Anonymous

    I love the company I ordered the wrong size called and same day got a return invoice, shipped back and same day they received they sent my new item out. Not only are the prices the best, customer service is awesome as well. I will tell everyone I know to use them with out a doubt.
    Thank you
    John Deno.

  5. Debbie

    Very pleased with the service and shipping time on my new CPAP. I am very happy with my new machine. I am flying a lot and this one is so much lighter and easier to travel with.

    1. anonymous

      I have had awesome service from this company. I order supplies and they are almost immediately shipped. I have forgotten items on an order and had to order again and my shipping was refunded! I will continue to order here.

  6. Kathleen Mc Mahon-Dean

    I am a repeat customer and as usual I get all of my supplies very quickly. I especially like the Airpillow I changed from the nose mask too much on the face. The Air Pillow is smaller light weight and easier to use at night glad I changed.

  7. inna

    These people wait until you hit the submit button and your product is shipped out the same day. I put my order in on Tuesday night, and t was here on Wednesday, almost same day. That was impressive. Thank you!

    That was the only impressive thing. It is not the companies fault that the battery pack was super heavy, I ordered it, but there was no instructions, no paperwork to go with it, it was 2 batteries wired together with tape. I purchased this to travel oversees- If I will not get arrested for trying to blow the plane up with this at least I will not be aloud to enter on to the plane. It literally looks like a bomb, although I have never seen one. It was a joke and I cried, I had a long day and I wasted $270 on something I needed to send back before I looked at it all the way. So disappointed, I have no words. I will never purchase through here again. This company was cheaper but I wonder why?

  8. Ralph S.

    Great service , all the equipment and accessories at good prices and bonus points for real $ savings . What more could you ask for ?

  9. Garrett

    The folks at RESPSHOP are great. I was able to pick up my order for a new CPAP mask and supplies from their store/warehouse locally, on the same day that I placed my order. They have fair prices and great service, friendly people–and a nice website too! I would absolutely recommend their store and services to everyone. Thanks!!

  10. Anonymous

    Great service and it was so easy to get my new mask without driving across town. My old one was disintegrating and not keeping a tight seal to my nose. It was so good to get my new one and sleep all night without waking up with air blowing in my eye.

  11. Anonymous

    La empresa es muy eficiente y el producto colmo mis expectativas, pero es muy mala la atención de UPS.
    Creo que ponen trabas en lugar de ayudar para retirar el producto de la aduana del aeropuerto.
    Seguro que UPS no lo utilizo más.

  12. Richard

    The replacement of the CPAP machine with no insurance claim is less than the old one that I paid with the insurance claim 4 years ago.

  13. kin ching HO

    Thank you very much to the excellent Respshop team for their quick service. My ICON+Air CPAP machine and nasal mask arrived Hong Kong 4 days after I placed an order.

  14. Anonymous

    Really cheapest, excellent product and super quick delivery. I ordered the ICON+ Auto CPAP Machine and nasal mask on Sept 17, 2015 and they arrived Hong Kong on Sept 21, 2015. I would have to spend 56% more totally if I bought the same machine Locally.

  15. Roy Haddock

    Just received my order today and everything came in as ordered. The service is great and fast. I went to the medical facility that issued my CPAP, they have no parts and did not have any idea on how to get them. Thank you for the prompt service.

  16. David Damaska

    I was very satisfied with the products I have purchased. The prices here are very reasonable and came in mail quickly. I have found my go to place for CPAP supplies.

  17. B C Leigh Morris

    Once again great service Respshop, a team winning combination.
    Delivery of Icon+ C-pap machine to Australia in 8 days & at less than half Australian prices
    I will continue to shop with your company again

  18. Graeme

    I could not believe how quickly my cpap Mask arrived after ordering it on friday night in Melbourne Australia, it was at my front door on Thursday Mornning the next week.There is nothing better than being looked after like this ,and there so much better vaule than buying from Australia.Thanks again and will be back again. Graeme Melbourne Australia.

  19. Sibby

    I could not believe how quickly my cpap machine arrived after ordering it. I am very impressed with the efficient service and it was less than half the price of the same machine in Australia . I am a very happy customer.

  20. Greg

    Congratulations; the Respshop company is outstanding! Your Respshop on-line website product info and your customer service team are definitely a winning combination. I have placed three orders with you and am very impressed with your great products and quick delivery.

  21. Peter W Porter

    I used to think it was a bit risky dealing with a company that I have never dealt with before especially from overseas but the way your staff responded to my requests and the speed the package arrived at my door was fantastic, a special thanks must go to Bronson,and Natasha from Respshop, this is going to make my Christmas much better.
    So I hope you all have a very happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.
    Regard Peter

  22. Arnont

    Since the order Until the goods have been more convenient, it only takes 7 days
    to use the service again in the future.
    From Thailand

  23. Billy V

    I had problems on line and called. The representative handled my order promptly and resolved my order problems. Wow, she was great and her demeanor would prompt me to re order again when the need arises.


    Billy v

  24. Greg Asmussen

    Many Thanks for the Great service and your emails to my enquiries – I received my new CPAP machine today – Not bad one week from USA to NSW Australia … Initial setup was easy with the MENU – Short test today to make sure everything was working fine – big test for the next few days but at the prescribed pressure it is stronger than my tired old machine which hasn’t been calibrated for a while – looking forward to getting a better sleep now … The New Mask is great as well, and being able to plug into 240v here is a real bonus – NO problems at all . Thanks you so much for a fantastic deal and terrific service – I know where I will come in future for anything CPAP related and who to recommend to other users ….
    Cheers from Australia
    Greg Asmussen.

  25. Gus Basile

    Respshop is a God send for all CPAP users, especially for CPAP clients living in Australia. I ordered a few items and i got all items delivered (via Fed Ex) in three days from USA to Australia that’s as quick or quicker than any internet purchase i have made from within Australia itself let alone overseas.
    I have ordered goods from Hong Kong on ebay and it takes up to a month to receive.
    CPAP prices are unbelievable we are being conned here in Australia some things i purchased are up to 4 times the price!! Come on Aussie’s buy from When i need to buy a new CPAP machine Respshop is where i am going to buy it from
    I asked a question prior to placing my order and i had an answer within an hour of the shop opening in the USA (i was asleep in Aust.) had i’d been up the query would have been answered within two hours, my experience with e-bay it can take up to two days just to get a question answered.
    Dealing with Respshop has been my best internet experience ever since i have had access to the internet.
    Keep up the good work Respshop i will be shopping with you again.
    Regards Gus
    Melbourne Australia

  26. Lindsay Smith

    Above and beyond service. I was in a bind and they did all that the could to make my ordering process and product selection a smooth and easy process. They were professional and kind. They had shipped my mask befor I had even hung up the phone.

  27. Bruce Carr

    I ordered my Icon auto on Friday and it was delivered to my home address in Australia the following Tuesday . This four day delivery included a holiday weekend and I was most impressed by the service.
    I am extremely happy with my purchase. The unit is almost silent and I am finding no discomfort getting used to the mask. My wife is ecstatic that there is no unit noise and moreso that I have not snored since using the unit.
    Kind regards
    Bruce Carr Winmalee , Australia.

  28. James Biehle

    I would like to see insurance information added to the site, if it is there, it should be included in the ordering process.

  29. Litia

    I emailed yesterday asking a couple of questions. I had an answer within hours. I ordered a CPAP machine and mask and in less than an hour I had an email telling me it was on it’s way.
    So far my experience has be astounding! I am telling all of my friends how easy it’s been to order from!
    In the mean time I’ve saved well over a thousand dollars buying online from the States instead of in store here in Australia.
    Looking forward to receiving my CPAP machine and hoping I ordered all I needed!

  30. Sandra Phillips

    I recently purchased a Fisher Paykel Auto CPAP machine from you and whilst there was a mix up with the order, I could not speak highly enough of the polite service we recieved with the return of the goods and the delivery of the replacement.
    An excellent company and might I say we saved approx $1500.00 buying it from Reshop than buying it in Australia.

  31. Consuelo

    Absolutely great telephone service and manners. I had to call twice, as the first lady I spoke gave me good advice to order all parts I needed at first time. Second time I was impressed by the eficiency and speed and beautiful manners of the person taking my order.

    My problem was trying to order through the site. It would not accept my email and when I tried using another one it said I was registered and needed to use another address if I wanted and so on it went till I had no more emails or addresses to use. Not a friendly site, so some work needs to be done there so it is friendly and more accessible. So, I had to call from Australia the two times. The lovely ladies compensated for the previous trouble though.

  32. Scott

    The customer service is still second to none. The time between placing an order on a Friday evening in Australia and receiving the conformation that the item has been shipped was only hours. Amazing, thanks guys for such a wonderful service.

  33. Mike Prokop

    Placed an order for a ResMed Quatro FX seal and head strap. Received it here in Cleveland two days later. Thanks for the fast delivery!

    I would like to try ResMed’s new mouth and nasal mask in the future but I am afraid that if I don’t like it I would be stuck with it. I ordered a DeVilbiss Full-Face from another vendor about five weeks ago. Unfortunately, it was most uncomfortable and a simply won’t use it. Do you have a trial program? Just asking!

    1. Respshop

      hi Mike,

      We will have a mask assurance program in near future (1-2 weeks). Basically you pay some extra money (like insurance) when you purchase the mask and try the mask at home. If you don’t like it, return it to us and we do full refund (not including assurance though).


  34. gerald crawford

    I will not order from you again. I could have walked up there to get the product and been back in time for dinner. Last tracking it was in Dallas on it’s way to Houston. Probally will end up in Mexico.

    1. Respshop

      hi gerald,

      sorry for the late delivery we just ship your package at the same day when you order it,
      the problem is the shipping carriers Smart Post via fedex sometimes it takes too long defending on
      the shipping address, we are going to disable the smart post shipping even though it was cheaper.

      thank you.

  35. Dianne Huber

    I purchased a FISHER & PAYKEL ICON machine from you recently and the delivery was so quick from US to Australia. Took me a while to work the machine out but now I am familiar with it, just love it and getting much better sleeps. I would certainly recommend this machine. Regards Dianne

  36. jeff williams

    In January this year I purchased a DeVilbiss intelli PAP Standard Plus air pump machine, online, through Respshop.
    Because I have found it difficult to cope with it has only had about 40-50 hours use.
    If I was able to use it every night it would have had at least 1,600 use by now.
    I keep coming back to try again, but a few weeks ago it had ceased to function.
    I tried to contact the DeVilbiss agent in Melbourne without success and finally contacted their agent in Sydney.
    I was told that, as I had purchased the item online, I had to contact Respshop for any warranty claim.
    Could you please advise

  37. Graham John

    Hi I placed an order for a Cpap machine 4-10-2012 does it plug into Australian power if not can I have one that does…Thanks… also are there any customs charges coming into Australia..?

    1. Respshop


      The machine you purchase does need a plug converter which can be purchased from your local stores. Typically a few dollars.

      Your order was under $1000 which will not subject to tax/duty.


  38. chris mullin

    Today I received my CPAP mask and was asked for a further $18.69 at the door
    representing taxes (HST 13%) on the mask (@ $56.84) =$7.39 plus a ROD fee of $10.00 plus HST on the Rod fee of $1.39.
    None of these fees were disclosed at the time of purchase and all CPAP machines and ancillary equipment are tax free in Canada as they are medical devices.
    What is going on here?
    C. Mullin

  39. Marty

    I have nothing but great words to say about the service that Respshop offers to it’s customers,I wish all online shopping experiences where this easy and trouble free. Keep up the good work 🙂

  40. Leigh Casboult

    I just want to say 10 out of 10 Respshop. I was impressed by the comments on the website but didn’t think it could all be true, but it was. We ordered from Tasmania in Australia on Thursday night and had it delivered to our door on Tuesday morning. WOW. The machine was as it was described and half the price of the same product if we had of bought locally. All we had to do was buy a $10 conversion plug. You have my 100 percent recommendation.

  41. A Cummings

    The respshop service, product range & pricing was exceptional. I was really pleasantly surprised with how professional & prompt the delivery/service was.

    I cannot recommend respshop highly enough – thank you for your help.

  42. Scott

    The service is exemplary, can not be beaten. I have ordered several products from here and will never shop any where else.
    I too like some others here, live the other side of earth, and the speed of delivery is amazing. I have had the item on the fourth working day after ordering.

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  44. safari serengeti

    Hello There!
    I simply respect your new site on How do you feel Respshop’s service? | RespshopRespshop and I will be back again.
    .. Bye for now!!

  45. Luiz Azevedo Júnio

    Hello! I’m in Brazil and received my new auto cpap machine today. Here in my country, it costs about 2000,00 USD. I bought it from Respshop for 750 USD! Incredible! Respshop service is amazing. They shipped very fast. I recommend for everybody. Brazilians trust! Brasileiros, podem comprar tranquilos que a loja é idônea e tem excelentes preços. Comprei no dia 27/07 e retirei nos correios hoje, 22/08. Tudo certinho… Recomendo!

  46. tom harrington

    I am very impressed with the service and prices at the Respshop.. I was quoted 2750 Aud for a machine and two mask. The respshop delivered an upgraded model of the machine and the two masks for just less than $900 aud taking into account the currency conversion in our favour. How can this be??? The tracking on the parcel was amazing, and it arrived within 7 days of ordering. Thanks guys and i will be ordering any other things i need from you.

    tom harrington


    1. Gus Basile

      I couldn’t agree more Tom, we are being conned here in Australia, a product that improves quality of life and the vendors here in Australia are getting stuck into us, not anymore thanks to Respshop.
      Regards Gus
      Melb Aust.

  47. Guilherme Pereira

    I would like to thank Bich because she helped me a lot. Very clear at the answers and always helpful with my questions. Respshop beat the competitor’s price and I just have to thank them about it. The shippment was the fastest I’ve seen and it happened at the same day.

    Their prices are very good and the quality of the services are impressive.
    I’ll always recommend you!!

  48. Michael

    Congratulations to the Respshop team, Jonjon Olayao, Bich Trinh and Lisa Li for your competent and informative service regarding respiratory systems and equipment.
    I too am most impressed with your efficient despatching sevice using FEDEX and on-line back up facility.
    I will certainly be promoting your business and look forward to dealing with you in future, – Well Done.
    Kind regards, Mike (Adelaide – South Australia).

    1. Gus Basile

      Michael i couldn’t agree more, need to spread the word among CPAP users to get on to Respshop for their CPAP needs.
      Regards Gus
      Melb Aust.

  49. Jack

    Constantly great prices along with great provider! Close the exact exact same items price tag 3 situations as much as with you. Really happy I found the website! Sending is normally inside a few of days and also also one is 1/2 around the country from you.
    Extremely happy along with everything.

  50. Tunzim

    beautiful experience. thanks Respshop. fastest overseas delivery i’ve ever seen. the customer service girl was very very helpful. definitely i’ll be back to you if i need any CPAP accessory. loved your A+ service.

  51. Stuart Ross

    I have nothing but praise for this company. Their prompt service is amazing it only took 6 days from USA to Australia and the cost of my Cpap machine was a third of what it is here .

  52. Richard H. Brown r.r.t. / C.M.

    Very fast delivery. Reliable products. User friendly ordering from excellent website. Great pricing. Overall 5 *’s. Thanks for being there!

  53. nick katsanikakis

    Hello its the first time i am using respshop i would like say thank you for the update i just received for my order, that it will be here on friday . And i will be giving the website to other people that have sleep apnea problems to use your service. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

  54. Peter McKown

    Wonderful service! I was able to use my doctor’s Rx to get a new CPAP and supplies from Respshop. The information I was given over the phone about equipment and supplies was accurate, and the prices were fantastic! I will continue to use Respshop for my CPAP needs. Well done!

  55. Owen Plummer

    What a fantastic on website Friday and recieved my shiney new mask on tuesday am…USA to Australia,very pleased,will pass your website onto some of my friends who also suffer from sleep apnea,i will be using your services again,and if you did’nt reliasei amavery happy customer..

  56. Mike

    Two day delivery from USPS and a new Fisher & Paykel mask at about half the cost I am used to…great experience. I’ll be ordering from you again!

  57. Ben Joubert

    Just a word of thanks to all involved in getting my parcel to my address.
    It is simply well done. To Respshop and Fedex, with service like I had experienced, I will keep on coming back for more!
    Great job!!

  58. john cometti

    I’ve been traveling and fumbling around with a worn-out headstrap for my CPAP.
    Trying to go to sleep while holding the pillows in place with my hand. I found your website and ordered supplies, and got them in 2 days at a very reasonable price.
    Thank you. John Cometti

  59. Emma Beryll

    Thank you ever so much for your professionalism and patience in walking me through on how to program my prescribed pressure. You made it sooo easy for me. I played with it a few times and now I can program my own settings on my Respironics System One REMstar!

  60. Donna

    Always great prices and great service! Locally the same products cost 3 times as much as with you. Very happy I found your website! Shipping is usually within a couple of days and we are 1/2 across the country from you.
    Very pleased with everything.

  61. John Ellison

    Can’t believe, the incredible attitude of asscociate who took my order!!!! Worked hard to achieve my order, helping with all facets of procedure’s.
    Only have (1) concern, why freight is so highly priced, thru Fedx.

  62. Glenn

    I live in Australia and so happy I found your website. This my 3rd order with your store. Your delivery is always super fast. Orders accurate and so much cheaper than buying in Australia. I was quoted $1950 in Australia for machine and mask. I got exactly the same from your store for less than $600 including freight. Arrived in 3 days. 5 STARS from me. Thanks

    1. Gus Basile

      I agree Glenn, cannot believe how fast you can get goods from USA and it takes me ages here in Australia to get any service on CPAP products & they charge such exorbitant prices. It’s a shame we have to overseas to get service and affordable prices on a necessary potential lifesaving device. We are being conned here. Keep up the good job Respshop.
      Regards Gus
      Melbourne Australia

  63. Bruce maher

    How do you feel Respshop’s service…Very Happy .I am in Australia and recieved my package with in two weeks ,ordered some thing else from my home country and still waiting ..thanks for the Quick Delivery..Bruce

  64. Mac SUGIYAMA

    Respshop is a very nice shop. Very quick response and, in large amounts of stock, you will see quick shipment. I always order is accurate, I have always ordered Respshop.

      1. Michael Carrington

        I am most impressed with your quick, efficient response and despatch of my request and order.
        Tomorrow, I am sure that we will be awe-inspired, upon receiving our parcel at the start of our holiday in Honolulu.
        Looking forward to visiting your shop in Seattle.
        Kind regards,
        Adelaide, South Australia.

  65. Christina R Knowles

    Wrong size how send instruccion how to return.
    I will like to buy another silicone mask for full mace size medium .
    Thanks 817-350-0550

      1. Qnislav

        my husband has sleep apnea also, but his mahicne doesn’t need water, and instead of the full mask, he has some sort of nose plug (he says the mask would cause his face to break out), hope this works for you, and wish you more peaceful nights of sleep!!!

  66. Loren

    I received everything on time. The fastest delivery ever I had for online orders. Thanks for the great service and great CPAP products. I am very happy with our services. I will definitely come back if I need any CPAP supplies in the future.

  67. Michael Bayly

    A big well done to the team. Its 9am on Monday morning Australian Time and my machine has just been dropped off by the courier. It is a great effort considering I placed the order at 9pm on the previous Wednesday. online via the website. It all bright and shinny and I’m looking forward to a good nights sleep, thanks to you all once again


    Brisbane Australia.

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